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stay in touch as a freelancer
Thomas StenitzerSeptember 15, 20205 min read


The world of freelancers is growing and growing. Only in the USA in 2019 there were approximately 57 million freelancers, which is huge. And if you add freelancers from all over the world, you will end up with a higher number. Freelancing is nice because it comes with the benefits a regular 9-to-5 job does not offer you. You have the flexibility of organizing your time however you want and, most importantly, you can work from anywhere.

Remote work is on the rise, especially due to the world pandemic which forced many businesses and companies to adopt this style of working. Freelancers need to find their clients and offer high-quality services or products to increase their reputation and form strong bonds with their clients.

All these help freelancers secure a regular income by collaborating with the same clients. Finding new ones can usually turn to be challenging, as the competition is fierce. Having a good flow as a freelancer is nice, and working with the same people helps you get to know them better. Like this, those  feelings of loneliness and depression that come with remote working can be kept away.

So, how should freelancers stay in touch with old clients? We have gathered a few tips after discussing this subject with freelancers around the world, some of which offer  assignment help or a  custom essay service on communication topics.

Know What Your Clients Are Doing 

One of the tips that help freelancers stay in touch with their clients is by researching what they are doing right now. You have probably collaborated with some clients in the past, you loved working with them, but they did not contact you again. If they enjoyed working with you, they will surely be glad to reconnect with you.

So, how should you do it? Just get to find out what they are up to. Maybe they are not active in that domain or industry anymore. Or maybe they are taking on new projects, so this might be a great occasion to congratulate them and offer your services to help them achieve their new goals.

They have probably worked with lots of freelancers and keeping in touch with them all is challenging and difficult. It would be more useful for you to follow their social media accounts, websites, or product pages to know what they are doing.

Like this, you are ready to seize any new opportunity that will arise, say freelancing experts from uk dissertation.

Contact Them 

Contacting former clients can turn to be odd and awkward, especially if you do not have a good reason to do it. This does not mean that you should contact them only when you need something to work on.

There are a lot of other reasons you can contact your clients and keep in touch with them, such as congratulating on achieving some milestones or sending birthday or Christmas cards. Sending positive and powerful messages to your former clients will surely make the difference. They will connect your name not only with the projects you have worked on or with the work you have submitted but with the messages you send too.

Like this, you can easily start a conversation with them, get to know what they have been up to, what they are looking for in the future, and so on. This will help you stay in touch with them and be connected.

Be Present 

Some clients are curious to know who they are working with, so some of them might decide to follow you on social media to be updated about your progress. This is a nice way to secure relationships and be constantly updated on what your collaborators are doing.

Being present in the online world is essential for a freelancer, as the recruitment process in the freelancing industry is kind of different from the traditional one.  Building your personal brand and sharing updates about your latest work or projects will surely raise the interest of your former collaborators. Like this, they know what you are up to and it is a nice way to stay in touch, even though conversations do not always happen.

Send Newsletters 

Another way to stay in touch with your former clients and collaborators is by sending newsletters, advise freelance experts from a  law essay writing service. Sending regular newsletters to anyone you have worked with is nice. It is also a useful way to send updates about your work and projects, share interesting industry-related information, or just send information about the latest trends in their domain.

Even though not all people who will receive your newsletter will read it, simply seeing your name there will remember them of you. You never know where opportunities appear, so it is useful to invest your time in sending a periodic newsletter. However, you should keep in mind that designing an eye-candy newsletter takes a lot of time and resources, so opt for this method of staying in touch only if you are willing to invest in it regularly.

Keep It Short and Simple 

You would not be the first freelancer who wants to stay in touch with his clients, so you need to stand out from the crowd. Keeping your messages short and simple is essential, as clients are often crowded with lots of information and updates they do not have the time to read.

Instead, if you share some updates on your latest work and share some tips or domain-related information, do it nicely. Keep it short, do not overcrowd your email, newsletter, or message with unnecessary details, and be open to sharing more details if you are asked to do it.


Staying in touch as a freelancer can be challenging, as the projects you work on are often temporary. You get to work with new clients periodically, which can be tiring. This is why it is important to keep in touch with your former clients, share updates about your work and projects, and share information that is of interest to them.

Take the time to design and send a periodic newsletter, build your personal brand online, and open the conversation with your former clients by proposing a good topic. By doing all these you make sure you have a good working flow and strengthen the bond with your clients.

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