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Boris Nemšić joins Graz-based video tech startup eyeson
Giannenta MilioApril 8, 20222 min read

Boris Nemšić joins Graz-based video tech startup eyeson

Boris Nemšić, the former CEO of Telekom Austria Group, joins eyeson, the Graz-based startup, as an investor. eyeson is a pioneer in the field of video API and the exclusive provider of platforms based on the patented "Single Interface Technology" worldwide.

eyeson’s patented Single Interface Technology enables companies - or more precisely, the companies’ software developers - to enhance their existing software applications and web platforms through video conferencing and to enable complex use cases. The company’s motto is "From developers for developers" and the founding team, created around Andreas Kröpfl (CEO) and Michael Wolfgang (CTO), consists of experienced software developers.

The global videoconferencing market is experiencing double-digit annual growth rates and is estimated to reach a value of $22 billion in the coming years. The video integration (API) market, especially with "WebRTC", is currently growing four times faster, reaching 16 billion US dollars. Hence, eyeson operates in a fast-growing market that is becoming increasingly relevant for the service offerings and core applications of companies as well as platform operators. In the current age of digitization, industries such as support services, insurance, telemedicine, and financial service providers are increasingly adding video communication to their products.

As the only provider worldwide - also nominated as a Gartner Cool Vendor in Unified Communications - eyeson offers the possibility to easily integrate live data ( video, audio, image, text, etc.) from different sources into one stream and to deliver the combined stream to the users. eyeson offers users and platform operators outstanding advantages over the competition: lower bandwidth and CPU load, high-quality video even in low bandwidth environments, a cloud-agnostic approach (eyeson works with any cloud), a reduction of CO2 emissions by at least 4 times - all to be implemented with an easy and quick integration. eyeson provides a decisive advantage, especially for mobile users, who receive a single stream during video conferences in which various data sources are integrated, instead of multiple ones.

Since 2019, selected Fortune 500 companies have been relying on eyeson's unique technology. Thanks to its patented Single Interface Technology, eyeson has a distinct advantage over its main competitors - Twilio and Agora - and has set out to be established as a first-mover in the fast-growing video API market.
Boris Nemšić, the former CEO of Telekom Austria Group, is now adding to eyeson’s prominence as another big-league investor: "eyeson is the only provider worldwide that enables a synchronous video experience and the ability to visualise data. As a technology pioneer, eyeson represents the logical evolution of the communication solutions we use today. Video, speech and data are merged seamlessly and are being applied in nearly every industry. eyeson will be a European trailblazer and will powerfully shake up this market. I am happy to support the eyeson team in this endeavour," said Boris Nemšić about his motives to join eyeson.

Andreas Kröpfl: "We are happy about the cooperation with Boris Nemšić and value his expertise. He is a valuable asset for steps and innovations in telecom markets - including applications in security-relevant fields. In those cases, specifically, all participants need to see the very same information in the same place, otherwise a rescue mission with drones, for example, would be difficult to accomplish."

Boris Nemšić is not the first prominent investor in the avant-garde startup from Graz. The distinguished circle of existing investors includes Michael Kübeck (Lead Investor/i4g), Sandeep Johri (founder and ex-CEO of Tricentis), Hermann Hauser (IECT, Amadeus Capital), Herbert Gartner (eQventure), Christian Pegritz (PASS & Frequentis), and Michael Altrichter.