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Iryna SydorchukOctober 25, 20232 min read

Eyes on Salesforce: Revolutionizing Remote Identity Verification

The digital age beckons businesses with the allure of boundless opportunities, but it also presents its set of challenges. Key among these is establishing genuine connections in a world of screens. How do businesses ensure that their online interactions are as trustworthy as face-to-face ones? Enter the world of remote global id verification with Eyeson for Salesforce Integration.

The Seamless Path with Salesforce and Eyeson

Every business journey encounters its share of rough patches. In the digital realm, one such challenge has always been the meticulous task of identity verification and visual ID verification during customer presentations. Salesforce, with its cutting-edge guided workflows, promises smoother terrains. And when combined with Eyeson's groundbreaking video conferencing technology, customer interactions transform from mundane tasks to delightful experiences. The future is about instant visual checks and swift ID checks, making the digital handshake as reliable as a real one.


ID Snapshot and Global ID Verification: A Moment That Secures Your Transaction Around the Globe

Imagine verifying an ID in a virtual meeting in an era of globalized business interactions, all with a simple snapshot. That's the power Eyeson for Salesforce brings. This technology allows businesses to visually validate details with a tangible record, acting as a formidable barrier against fraud, irrespective of geographical boundaries.


Benefits of Eyeson for Salesforce Integration in Identity Verification

The synthesis of Salesforce and Eyeson is not just a collaboration; it's a revolution. Together, they redefine customer engagement processes, automating crucial interactions and pushing the boundaries of productivity and customer satisfaction. The advantages of integrating Eyeson with Salesforce for identity verification are manifold:


Convenience & Efficiency: Visual ID verification means quicker, real-time results

  • Reduced Fraud Risk: With tangible snapshots and visual checks, businesses can significantly diminish their vulnerability to fraudulent activities.
  • Economic Impact: By safeguarding against potential risks, businesses can potentially avoid losing tons of money in fraud operations.
  • Identification files are linked with the business object, documented, and findable.


Understanding Eyeson’s Capabilities

Every tool, no matter how advanced, has its specialty and its limitations. While Eyeson is a champion of visual identity verification, it maintains a clear boundary. Dive deeper into the peculiarities:

  • Strength in Visual Verification: Eyeson's forte lies in its real-time visual authentication tools, including the innovative ID check during live sessions.
  • User Interaction Confirmation: Eyeson offers the additional capability to ensure that identified users have accessed particular pages or content.
  • Understanding its Limits: While Eyeson provides unmatched visual validation, it doesn’t cross-verify the ID’s data with official databases or authenticate the ID card number. It's a tool for visual assurance, not data verification.


The realm of identity verification is undergoing a transformative shift, with technology like Eyeson for Salesforce Integration leading the charge. As the digital age demands more robust, secure, and efficient processes, embracing such cutting-edge solutions isn't just an option; it's a necessity.

Looking to fortify your business processes and customer interactions? Consider Eyeson for Salesforce Integration. Dive deeper into its offerings, or better yet, reach out for a demo. The future of remote visual ID verification awaits.