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eyeson android app is now available
LisaMarch 28, 20181 min read

eyeson android app for your video meetings

eyeson android app is now available. Why does that matter? Imagine this scenario: You're in a business meeting. It's going well, and you're getting a lot done. It is taking longer than expected, and you have to leave your office because another meeting is on your agenda later on.

What would you do?

With the eyeson app for android, you can easily continue your video meeting when you are already on the go or work remotely. It doesn't matter if you are going by public transportation or you're driving in a car. The only things you need are your mobile phone and an internet connection.

How does the eyeson android app work?

If you are already in an eyeson video meeting with your desktop browser, it is straightforward to switch to your mobile phone. Just click on Quick Join and scan the QR code. Then you can easily open your running meeting with the eyeson android app

You may also choose to open it with your mobile browser. Uo to you! When you're driving in a car, it is best to turn off your microphone while you're not talking. That way, you won't disturb the meeting with unnecessary noises. We made sure to design the eyeson android app in a very simple way.

It is so straightforward, you won't have a hard time turning off your microphone or video. Just position your mobile phone in a proper way to make sure it does not distract you while driving. It is really smart to create various meeting rooms because once you shared the video meeting room with another person, they can always enter the room.

So anyone else with an eyeson account can reenter the room at any time. Are you still deciding on a video meeting tool?

Make sure to sign up for eyeson FREE today!

And download the app - available for android and iOS