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Giannenta MilioApril 8, 20212 min read

eyeson Solves the Bandwidth Problem With Audio-Only Access to Video Meetings

It's time we talk about upload speeds - eyeson is closing the gap towards stable online meetings to ensure participants are always heard in spite of poor connection. Their technology is addressing low-bandwidth connections for remote participants by adjusting resource usage analogously to their network or hardware conditions.

eyeson video conferencing solutions provide a unique technology that is inclusive and easy to integrate, built on their patented single-stream technology to support everyone's participation, regardless of their location.

eyeson reinvented the mobile phone access with a low data connection mode

"A new low data mode allows users to reduce the amount of data that will be used during eyeson calls, as well as to establish different modalities based on network performance," says Andreas Kröpfl, CEO of eyeson. "This low bandwidth mode also allows users to save data by consuming only 10-20 megabytes per hour, independent of the number of participants in a video meeting."

If users have a slow or unreliable internet connection, video lags or the connection drops, they might want to participate in Audio-Only mode. Thus, it is possible to participate in a meeting, even though the internet connection does not satisfy the network environment needed.

Once Audio-Only Mode is turned on, clicking on 'Join' will give users direct access to the meeting where participants' avatars are visible. The video participants can nonetheless view each other, while the audio participants' names will be displayed while talking.

eyeson prevents video call drops with new 'Low Bandwidth Mode'

Compared to other video communication providers, eyeson's single stream technology requires less bandwidth and allows less performant devices to be used. The easy-to-access approach is key. There is no need for any installation and no expensive hardware is necessary to join a meeting. Also, the data consumption is lower compared to other meeting solutions. eyeson sees virtual meetings as a boost of diversity, and aims to keep the hardware and bandwidth barriers as low as possible.

eyeson is a leader in cloud-based video conferencing with managed multipoint video processing technology at a scale. Based on its patented single stream technology, eyeson provides API video services to easily integrate video collaboration in business workflows for full customer engagement. eyeson is managing the cloud capacity, scalable video coding performance and data management for the customer. Based on WebRTC technology, eyeson provides browser-based video meeting integrations on all desktop and mobile devices. eyeson offers B2B focused products used by Forbes 500 companies and named by Gartner as "cool vendor in unified communications."


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