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The eyeson API adds face-to-face communication to telehealth, digital therapeutics, care navigation, plus other health and fitness related use cases
Giannenta MilioApril 16, 20212 min read

eyeson video conferencing for developers enables to playback videos for health and fitness related interactions

COVID-19 has caused health care systems and fitness organizations around the world to rapidly adopt digital interactive solutions. Incorporating exercise into your daily routine is crucial to your overall well being, integrating live-streaming and interactive video conferencing for a professional workout. The eyeson API endows digital workflows with live video providing the technical infrastructure for seamless integrations, data exchange and live communication.

Telehealth and fitness consumer adoption has skyrocketed virtual health

McKinsey analysed that COVID-19 driven virtual health adoptions were celebrated as a game changer in the healthcare industry with up to 46 percent of consumers now using telehealth to replace cancelled healthcare visits. The eyeson API adds face-to-face communication to telehealth, digital therapeutics, care navigation, plus other health and fitness related use cases.

Capabilities like playback videos during live video conferencing sessions can drastically improve doctor-patient and trainer-trainee relationships. Trending health and fitness related coaching platforms can easily provide webinars with live video presentations and fully interactive discussions with their audience.

Developers gain the power to effortlessly visualise any data live in video meetings

Using the eyeson API, customer engagement can be enhanced by visualising relevant content in live video meetings. eyeson provides a powerful API to handle media, inject videos and other content directly into the live video meeting. It is an utterly practical way for developers to place content like text, images and videos in a live video meetings to further enrich the customer journey.

Michael Wolfgang, CTO: "eyeson lets users build their own user interface for their video conferencing platform. One of the unique features is the ability to layer the conference in real time, combining live video with photos, presentations, animation, data and additional video elements."

Developers may assign specific participants or content types to a specific video position in a given layout. For complex media visualization data can be generated easily - image uploads from a public URL, simple text messages or tweets, avatars or images as an icon, ect. An additional highlight is to playback videos such as MP4 formats to enable a cinema like mode.

eyeson is a leader in cloud based video conferencing with managed multipoint video processing technology at a scale. Based on its patented single stream technology, eyeson provides API video services to easily integrate video collaboration in business workflows for full customer engagement. eyeson is managing the cloud capacity, scalable video coding performance and data management for the customer. Based on WebRTC technology, eyeson provides browser-based video meeting integrations on all desktop and mobile devices. eyeson offers B2B focused products used by Forbes 500 companies and named by Gartner as "cool vendor in unified communications".


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