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Effective communication with eyeson video conferencing solutions
Thomas StenitzerMarch 21, 20213 min read

How Is Working Remotely Similar To A Long-Distance Relationship?!

Research shows that the problems of a long-distance relationship and a team working remotely are the same. Modern couples have figured the path to a happy relationship. And surprisingly, their solutions are very relevant to remote teams as well.

It is possible to think how stupid the thought is, considering work can never be similar to a relationship. But if dwelled on, the similarities of working remotely with a long-distance relationship will be too many to avoid. Because besides the job and tasks, it is mainly the coordination and communication when working remotely that decides the quality of a relationship. To think of it, the same is true when you are one of the two love birds in a long-distance relationship. Lack of communication builds misunderstanding and increases the distance between the two, leading to loneliness and eventually heartbreak. However, one thing worth noticing is that the percentage of happy couples in a long-distance relationship is rapidly increasing. Could the solutions cracked by the couples be relevant to the teams working remotely now? Let us find out now!

Why Is Working Remotely Important?

Before getting to the solutions, let us quickly understand the importance of working remotely. While the pandemic has made it essential, multinational companies have been handling their teams overseas in the same way. So taking it up as an individual only gives you the independence to enjoy your space without losing opportunity. An employer working remotely saves on resources and gets talent from anywhere without worrying about the location.

Communicating Expectations Is Must When Working Remotely

One of the biggest problems in a long-distance relationship is that there is a lot less face-to-face communication. All the problems couples or teams solve sitting across from each other can't be solved similarly while working remotely and in a long-distance relationship. Hence, communicating your expectations to your partner and learning the same from them becomes an important goal.
For a team working remotely, the solution translates into writing clear directions and goals for the team member. So if you are a manager, you need to write all the requirements and quality expectations in short, crisp, but clear points for your colleague. It avoids all possible misunderstandings in the transition and gets better results when working remotely.

Leveraging Technology While Working Remotely

One of the main reasons behind long distance not working previously was the slow communication which would cause a gap. Writing letters would limit words, and then the delivery would take days. Also, phone calls would be high priced, so making it regular wouldn't be a possibility. Now it's not the case. Modern couples leverage the technology to stay close. Technology is the essence of working remotely; it is like the pillar. The question is, are you as a team making full use of the technology?

For example:

Video conferencing has become a trend now, making it so familiar that even families use it for reunion. But is your team working remotely using it to its full potential? Setting up appointments and reminders, announcing the meeting's goals beforehand are just a few ways to get it right. But did you know besides using it for weekly reporting and monthly planning, it can and should be used for feedback when working remotely and fun as well? Similar to having office parties, video conferencing for fun and activities can help in team building.

Working Remotely & Planning

To sum it up, a little planning can help your relationship, be it with your partner or a colleague in a team working remotely, to go a long way. Using technology, especially video conferencing and several apps to plan and schedule monthly goals, can help increase transparency, boost better communication and understanding in a limited time in any long-distance relationship. Is working remotely effective for your team, or are you facing challenges?


Author’s bio: Miranda Davis is a freelance writer in the relation and psychology area. Miranda is interested in such topics as building healthy relationships between people, love/sex compatibility, and how to find the right balance in life in general. She is currently doing specific research on Dating Rating on the topic. Miranda loves cooking and long-distance walking.