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informal video conferencing
Thomas StenitzerSeptember 28, 20202 min read

Using “Informal” Video Conferencing to Add Easiness and Joy

Video conferencing as part of the new normal: it’s not a secret that COVID-19 changed the course of running a business all over the world and the chances are that we will never come back to our previous practices. Since companies started work from home, managers had to adapt to new challenges in managing remote teams and increasing their qualifications attending various PMP courses to lead projects and people more effectively.

The demand for video conferencing has significantly risen as in the given conditions it’s the best way to keep the personal touch in communication and see people’s faces to ensure that everything was understood correctly. 

Besides, isolation can be difficult for people who used to keep an active social lifestyle. We have gathered several more ideas for informal video conferencing that will not distract you from the work duties and at the same time will bring some easiness and joy into a daily routine: 

Birthday celebrations

Given the circumstances when birthday parties are banned, a video call from your teammates wearing party hats, uncoordinated chorus singing “Happy Birthday” and sharing virtual cake with colleagues will certainly create a holiday atmosphere. And we don’t even talk about the great mood for the rest of your day.

Virtual coffee breaks

In the office, the most interesting talks happen in the kitchen during the break. Here people share their news and gossip, do small talks, and sometimes the greatest ideas are coming up here. Right now, these coffee breaks still can be used but in a format of video conferencing. While they are virtual, the effect of informal communication will help to keep in touch with colleagues and if they happen at the beginning of the working day, it helps to create an atmosphere of a real working day in the office. 

Team building events

Team building is harder to organize due to social distancing now but it’s not the reason to postpone it to better times. It’s possible to arrange an informal meeting to chat, engage in some team building activities including contests like who finishes pizza first and give a toast on a successful project release using possibilities of video conferencing.  Don’t forget to take funny photos during the teambuilding to save memories. It will be interesting to remember this time once the quarantine measures will be lifted. 

Friday game evenings

In many companies, it’s a common practice to spend together Friday evening in a bar or playing boarding games. Why don’t take these events in the virtual format and use video conferencing for that? It’s no less fun to play the Forehead detective, Pictionary, Two Truths, and a Lie, or do the virtual karaoke online. It will help shorten social distancing and reduce the negative impacts of self-isolation. 

For almost 20% of remote workers, loneliness is one of the biggest challenges. Thus, informal video conferencing can help them feel connected. Incorporating such informal communication into the daily routine has a significant impact on the morale of employees and team spirit building that translates into better work results. 

Manage your teams wisely with effective video conference communication!