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Thomas StenitzerJanuary 13, 20232 min read

7 Benefits of Utilizing Live Video for Customer Service

Using live video customer service can help businesses provide faster and more efficient customer service. With the aid of real-time video technology, businesses can quickly address customer concerns and queries, deliver better customer experience, boost employee productivity, and maintain a strong connection with their customers.

1. Address Problems Immediately 

Many customers are frustrated by having to wait in a long line or encounter automated messaging systems when they contact customer service. These frustrations are eliminated when customers can communicate via video call in a matter of seconds. Because it's much more convenient to communicate when the customer can directly observe the agent, issues are resolved more quickly. 

live video for customer service is a usefull addition

2. Create a comprehensive experience across all channels

Omnichannel customer service is the future, and adding live video support is crucial to creating that seamless experience customers want. Email, live chat, and other forms of customer service alone are insufficient, adding a live video call is a natural progression.

3. Reduce the cost of after-sales service 

Businesses with a global customer base spend huge sums of money to provide phone support to customers around the world, but video chat platforms allow these businesses to connect freely with customers. Live video can also help reduce costs by increasing efficiency and generating analytics to help you improve your business processes. 

4. Improve customer satisfaction 

Clients are often happier when they see an agent face-to-face, which provides an irreplaceable human connection. Reducing response and resolution times also helps improve customer satisfaction. 

5. Improve online safety 

Authenticating a client's identity or securing a connection is always a challenge for agents when discussing sensitive information with them. However, live video calls offer more online security, allowing agents to confirm who they are talking to and avoiding identity fraud.

6. Improved remote technical support 

An agent can only explain so much over the phone, email or live chat. However, with video conferencing, they can provide more helpful technical support. You can actually see what customers are doing and provide better guidance with screen sharing and other helpful tools.

7.  Increase customer service metrics 

Live video meeting enables agents and customers to better connect with each other throughout the customer service experience. This helps improve many customer service metrics, including the first contact resolution rate, the average time to resolution, and other important KPIs. Over time, these data points help companies improve other aspects of their business and increase sales.


Live video customer service offers an unprecedented level of trust and engagement. Studies show that customers are more likely to trust companies that offer real-time support and live video customer service than those that don't. By engaging in real-time conversations with their customers via live video, businesses can build strong relationships and bonds with their customers, which makes it easier for them to establish a loyal customer base.

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