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Stefan SteinbauerMarch 7, 2023< 1 min read

Our Rebranding and Relaunch: Giving Communication Meaning

We are proud to announce the relaunch of our website and our rebranding campaign. We created a bold, colorful design, featuring pieces of art that help to convey our mission – to give communication meaning.

With our product, Eyeson API, software developers can integrate video communication, arranging videos and streams from various sources on a video canvas. They are the modern artists – taking code and turning it into art.

This rebranding is about highlighting the creative potential of our product. We want to demonstrate that our product can be used to create something beautiful and meaningful. We want to show our developers that, with Eyeson API, they can create something that resonates with the people who use it.

Our mission is to give communication meaning. By using Eyeson API, developers can create something that speaks to the heart of our users. We are asking developers to take the lead and be creative. We believe that the world is better when developers can bring their visions to life.

We invite you to post your favorite page or page element in the comments!