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Sharing pictures in a group video call is fun

Posted by Lisa on January 23, 2019

Sharing pictures of your best moments with your family makes you happy? Do you love to laugh together with your friends about pictures? The brand new eyeson image viewer makes this possible 😎.

If you shoot great photos 📸 during your stay abroad or when you catch moments when you're enjoying time with your friends ❤ , you want to show them to your beloved ones. Moreover, you want to see how they to react to them. Therefore, eyeson created an app where you can have group video calls in which you stream your pictures live to your friends.

Sharing pictures with eyeson is super easy. and the cool part of of it: you do not have to upload these pictures. Therefore, your friends can’t download them as well 😉. Streaming is the essential part here 🙌🏻 . Read here how it works:

Download the eyeson app in the Google Play Store or App Store  📲 . Then, signup to create an account. Now, you can create as many groups as you want. But for now, create your first group and invite your friends. Once they’ve joined this group they can start video calls and invite new members at any time. Now it’s getting interesting!

Start your group video call. After everybody joined, click on the image button and start streaming your pictures directly from your gallery. Now you can view together with your friends your best or most funny pictures. Share moments! Not downloads!

eyeson Web

eyeson group video calls are also available for the web 💻 . Besides sharing pictures here, you can enjoy many more features. One of them is our famous GIF feature. You click on a emoji and then an animated GIF will be shown for a couple of seconds instead of your own video. Moreover, you can browse through GIPHY’s database if you are looking for something in particular. Your video calls are going to be super funny. If you want to know more about our great web features, visit our website.

For more information about sharing pictures, visit  

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