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Stefan SteinbauerDecember 14, 20232 min read

Twilio Sunsets Video API in December 2024

Transition to Eyeson for Superior Video Communication

Twilio's announcement to sunset its Video API by December 2024 has prompted many to seek robust and innovative alternatives for their video communication needs. Eyeson is poised to fill that gap with a cutting-edge Video API that offers seamless integration, enhanced capabilities, and a suite of features designed to elevate your digital communication experience.

Why Migrate to Eyeson Video API?

Video communication is complex, requiring a perfect harmony of features and functionality. Eyeson is dedicated to simplifying this complexity, offering a Video API that integrates smoothly with various connectivity methods, including:

  • Management of multi-participant rooms for collaborative sessions.
  • High-quality video feeds for crystal-clear visual communication.
  • Unrivaled possibility to add all kinds of data and sources to the call.
  • Flexible and (really) customizable video canvas for the best user experience.

Eyeson provides the building blocks (and SDKs) for superior communication solutions, ensuring a comprehensive and reliable experience across platforms.

Features at a Glance: Eyeson vs. Twilio

As Twilio's video product phases out, now is the time to explore Eyeson's comprehensive suite of video communication features:

  • Screen Sharing: Enhanced user experience for effective collaboration.
  • Call Recording: High-quality recordings that are easily accessible.
  • Speaker Detection: Advanced technology for better engagement.
  • Video Chat API: Robust and customizable for diverse applications.
  • Observer: realtime/live meeting events to boost your application's meeting controls.

Eyeson's Video API not only matches Twilio's features but enhances them for an improved user experience, handling the demands of modern communication with ease.

Value add Eyeson Video API Features

Eyeson stands out with unique features that ensure a superior user experience:

  • Flexible layout and design of your calls
  • Adding sources and data to the call without sharing screen
  • Streaming from and to a room
  • Only one view to implement

Choosing Eyeson Video API means upgrading to a solution focused on quality, innovation, and exceptional customer support.


Ready to Make the Switch?

Don't wait until Twilio sunsets their Video API. Transition to Eyeson today and experience the future of video communication. Talk to an Eyeson expert for personalized assistance or dive into our platform right away. With Eyeson, you're not just adapting to change; you're stepping ahead of it.

Elevate Your Video Communication with Eyeson

At Eyeson, we understand that video communication is more than just a meeting. It is about situational awareness and taking data based decisions. With our expertise in these areas, we offer superior video communication services that are robust, reliable, and ready to meet your business needs.

From advanced video communication to scalability and customization, Eyeson is your go-to alternative as Twilio's Video API sunset approaches. Explore our data and video features, and let Eyeson transform your communication strategy.

Join Eyeson Today

Embrace a new era of video communication with Eyeson. Contact us to get started, or sign up to experience Eyeson's Video API capabilities firsthand. Together, let's ensure your video communication is future-proofed and flourishing.

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