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ideo Conferencing Increases Office Productivity
Giannenta MilioFebruary 16, 20226 min read

11 Reasons Why Video Conferencing Can Increase Office Productivity

Video conferencing has been a lifesaver for many businesses that were forced to transition to a hybrid setup with remote working due to the pandemic. But even before COVID-19 took over the world, video conferencing was already playing an important role in improving communication in the business world.
Solutions like the eyeson API help businesses enhance their video communication and make their team members more engaged.Video conferencing tools are widely used by companies of all sizes. Beyond that, here are eleven reasons why video conferencing can increase office productivity.

Reduction of Expenses

One of the reasons why video conferencing is so great is that it can help you significantly reduce expenses. Because your team members no longer have to travel to attend the meeting (especially if these are high-profile officials), you won’t have to pay these transportation expenses anymore.
The budgets you would have spent on transportation can now be used to improve other areas of your business. Such additional resources can be particularly valuable when you want to develop a particular department and improve its performance.

More Flexibility

When using video conferencing, you can also expect to get more flexibility both for yourself and for your team members. With more flexibility, you and your employees can discover new opportunities and start new initiatives.
Think about it. Working from the comfort of your own home and communicating through video conferencing already creates the perfect environment for employees to feel freer and less restrained by their physical environment or supervisor control.

Easier Presentation

Video conferencing allows you to both show your face and show your screen. This means that you can present data and presentations to your team without having to host the meeting in person. It’s a great option for communicating valuable information compared to emails or other written methods of communication.
For example, you might be working with a writer with whom you connected with through a custom writing website rating site. To ensure proper communication with them, you can use texting and emailing. But once you have to present their work to your team, it’s much better to use video conferencing which will allow you to display everything accurately in a

Better Integration

In addition to allowing you to share presentations, video conferencing is also capable of sharing videos. The aforementioned eyeson API, for instance, allows you to integrate streams from cameras directly into your video meetings. Whether it’s a video for your higher executives or your team members, it’s a great way of presenting it remotely instead of having to do so in person.

No Geographical Barriers

Speaking of remote work, video conferencing also helps you to erase geographical barriers. Not only can your local employees work from home, but you can also hire professionals from other countries, even those living on the other side of the world.
Such diversification can further help you to improve and realize your team’s potential. Talented and hardworking people come from all corners of the planet, so giving them the opportunity to work at your company will be beneficial both to them and to you.

Increased Collaboration

Video conferencing is known for increasing collaboration within as well as between teams. Compared to emailing or texting, video conferencing is more “real” which allows people to better understand each other by communicating almost face-to-face.
For example, let’s say you are working with a freelance writer that you found through an online writing services review site. You can text and email them, but video calling will definitely make your collaboration better and your efforts more productive.

Improved Focus

Interestingly, video conferencing can actually help your team members concentrate on the tasks at hand better. Once a person turns on their camera, everyone can see what they are doing which encourages employees to show that they are actually listening to what others have to say.
Moreover, video conferencing requires participants to put in extra effort to carefully listen to what others are saying and to voice their opinions. Everyone needs to be mindful of who is talking and when to avoid talking over each other by accident.

Better Management

Though it may seem like the contrary is true, video conferencing can actually help you improve management, especially that of entirely remote teams. It’s true that employees get more flexibility and feel less controlled when working remotely, but video conferencing is still a way for managers to ensure that everyone is doing their assigned tasks.
Meetings don’t have to be too long and can be done on the spot with individual employees. This allows managers to confirm that every employee is completing their tasks on time. Likewise, group meetings work can be used both for brainstorming and for planning among other things.

Timely Conclusions

With the two points above combined, it’s easy to see how video conferencing can lead to timely conclusions during meetings. Because everyone is more focused on the tasks at hand and management is just as good, meetings can be completed on time instead of dragging on. Besides, you can even set timers for video conferences so that everyone is aware of the time restraints.
This can also be done for one-on-one video calls. For example, you could be working with a writer from the writing services reviews site Trust My Paper who is helping you create a style guide for your company’s content marketing activities. When planning video calls with the writer, you can set a time for them while also setting a time limit when the call begins.


Not many businesses realize just how many of their activities negatively affect the environment. Moreover, it’s not always possible to take the necessary steps to reduce the impact your business processes have on our planet. Luckily, video conferencing is one of those unlikely solutions that can actually be very useful in this regard.
Because your employees no longer have to travel to attend meetings, your employees will each have a smaller individual carbon footprint thanks to using planes and other types of transportation less. In other words, video conferencing indirectly allows your business to become more eco-friendly.

Enhanced Work/Life Balance

Last but not least, video conferencing can help you and your team members to achieve a much better work/life balance than before. Not only can you spend more time at home with your family, but you also don’t have to spend time getting to and from work – and the same applies to your employees.
In addition to that, thanks to the flexibility enjoyed by employees, their mental well-being can also improve. They can even work on their physical well-being by using their break time (or the time they would have spent on commuting) to exercise at home and then take a shower to continue working in a better mindset and with more energy.

Wrapping Up

All in all, using video conferencing for meetings is definitely a great solution for any business that wants to improve its team’s productivity and streamline its workflows. Video conferencing can be a powerful tool in your inventory, but when paired with additional solutions like the eyeson API, it can further increase engagement and promote teamwork.

About the author: Lafond Wanda is a professional content writer, copywriter, content strategist, and communications consultant. She started young with her writing career from being a high school writer to a university editor, and now she is a writer in professional writing platforms— her years of expertise have honed her skills to create compelling and results-driven content every single time.