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Interactive Multi-Stream Technology Increases Efficiency in Police Operations
Giannenta MilioFebruary 11, 20222 min read

Interactive Multi-Stream Technology Increases Efficiency in Police Operations

Critical live operations rely more and more on real-time video information delivered by technical devices like IP cameras and drones. eyeson’s video technology enables developers to integrate nearly every media stream into a video meeting. A very important factor for these types of use cases is that eyeson’s single stream technology ensures that everyone sees exactly the same. This allows for an outstanding optimization in a plethora of use cases like situation rooms for fast response units, as well as video analysis of investigations and reactions.

Police operations enhanced with multiple cameras in a live video meeting

The security integrator Trembit solved the interactive operations challenge with multiple IP and drone cameras for police departments based on eyeson MCU service. With the eyeson layout functionality, all cameras can be part of one video meeting with a team of police officers - where all participants see exactly the same information at the same time - which is key for situational awareness in a critical operation. “The case with eyeson is special because it makes it easily possible to add a number of security cameras to the video conferencing room. It is also important to note that such a system could be installed inside police departments on-premise.” - says Stanislav Zayarsky, CEO of Trembit.

Visual support in investigations based on situational awareness

One typical use case is the interrogation process in police departments where investigators can access an ongoing interrogation via video call. The IP camera in this case is pointed to the suspect and its stream is added and shown live in the eyeson video conferencing room. Police officers from other departments can securely join the video meeting remotely as well, making sure everyones’ privacy is protected.

Another use case is based on drone technology for aerial surveys, imaging, mapping and facilitating decision support activities. Within a single platform, it is possible to quickly identify damages or hazards and facilitate transparent collaboration. The whole communication process becomes more interactive and efficient as this solution allows to bundle all information on one screen.

Relevant data and operating teams are brought into one video experience with the ability to instantly share on-site video streams, document evidence and discuss with experts in real-time.

For increased security demands, eyeson guarantees indispensable privacy by generating an instant link to start a dedicated temporary server in the cloud that is unique for the given meeting. The meeting server runs only for the duration of the meeting. Once the meeting is concluded, the server is terminated and the data deleted.

eyeson is a technology leader in cloud-based video communication. eyeson provides an API video service to easily integrate live video including live media, data and participants into any kind of use-case based on its unique patented single stream technology. To secure customers’ performance eyeson offers the service to manage cloud capacity, scalable video coding performance and data management. eyeson provides browser-based video integrations on all desktop and mobile devices.


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