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The difference between eyeson hosts, members, and guests

Posted by Shany on February 24, 2020

Today I am going to explain the difference between eyeson hosts, members, and guests.


The license holder can add or delete other hosts depending on the license plan. Every host has equal access to the platform and can use the same features. Hosts can create new rooms, start calls, or share an existing room with other hosts. Essentially, every host has its access to the eyeson platform and can use the same features except that of the license holder, who can manage their licenses. The license holder won't see rooms of other hosts that they create (except those they are sharing), as they would have their eyeson account as long as the license holder has them in their license list. When hosts share their rooms through the room link, the invitees become members of that room. Members will also have access to the room after the call. They will be able to use the room independently and start a video call without the host being present. The members also have access to the video meeting history feature and saved snapshots.

You can always invite guests to your eyeson call, but don't forget that guests won't have access to the room after the meeting ends. Once guests get their eyeson license, they will be able to become members of the room as well.

I hope this video was helpful. If you have any further questions, make sure to watch our other tutorials, visit our help center or leave us a comment below.

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