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team meeting with eyeson
ShanyFebruary 19, 20203 min read

How we use eyeson at eyeson

There are a lot of ways how teams can communicate with each other. With all the great tools out there, it's not easy to figure out what will work well, though. While your team will most likely need some trial and error to find a good way of talking to each other, we wanted to share what works well for us: How we use eyeson at eyeson.

How we use eyeson to facilitate remote work

At eyeson, we want to get the best team members, no matter their location or ability to work during set hours. While this poses time and distance barriers for effective collaboration, we found a pretty good way of dealing with it.  After all, we know that remote work is the future. When a college works from out of town, or can't leave his home due to responsibilities with family members, we still manage to stay connected. Using video collaboration, they are just a click away. Using video meetings to stay connected also allows employees to be flexible around family and other life obligations because they can join the meeting from anywhere.

How we use eyeson in combination with Slack at eyeson

Another way we stay connected is by having daily stand-ups. These can be by department, project, or the entire company. With custom eyeson room links, you can have a designated room that you know is there and available every time you need it. Here is an example: Every day at 10:30, our developers have a reminder popping up in their Slack channel. The reminder is a great feature that Slack offers, and we rely on it heavily. The reminder includes a direct link to their daily stand-up meeting room, through which they enter the meeting room. The link is always the same.

All they have to do is click the link and boom: they're in the meeting room. On average, it takes people 7 minutes to get set up in a video meeting — and to us, that's about 6 minutes and 45 seconds too long. It's simple things like that, which can save us a lot of time and allow us to tackle the most important topics every day.

For more spontaneous meetings, we use our Slack integration. Once you've successfully connected your Slack account and eyeson account, you can start video meetings with just one click. We enter /eyeson in a given channel. The other members of that Slack channel will be able to join the meeting room or webinar quickly. What that essentially means is that the members of a Slack channel are also members of the eyeson room: Slack channel = eyeson room.

How we use eyeson to set up meetings with externals

When we talk to people outside of eyeson, we create a room in our eyeson account. Then we copy and paste the link in the calendar invitation and voila. The other person will only need to click the link to the room and quickly hop on. If we ever need a specific person to jump in during a video meeting, we create a quick join link. The quick join link is generated during the video meeting and can be sent out to a person to enter the meeting room.  The quick-join feature is an incredibly convenient way for anyone to join a call with a single click and without becoming a member of the room.

This is basically how we use our own tool on a daily basis. If you have any further questions just leave us a comment!

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