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insta take over austrian startups
LisaDecember 5, 20181 min read

AustrianStartups’ Weekly Insta Takeover by eyeson

Today we've had the honor to take over the Instagram channel of AustrianStartups. 😍 AustrianStartups is a neutral, independent and non-profit platform for young innovative entrepreneurship in Austria. Their vision for the future is:

“entrepreneurship will be as common as skiing in Austria.”

eyeson’s Wednesday 🎈 

Every Wednesday another startup gets the possibility to take over AustrianStartups Instagram account. This week, eyeson was the chosen one. Therefore, we started at 10 am with our first story to welcome 🙋🏻 the more than 3000 men strong Insta community. After that, a coffee ☕ was necessary which was followed by a question & answer session.

A little team fun after our daily stand-up showed us on one of our brand-new comfy couches. 😎 Then, our stylish pink haired UX/UI designer Lisa 💁🏻 provided insights into her daily work... while fitting perfectly to our eyeson colors, right!?

As Andreas and Michael are currently attending the Slush in Helsinki 🇫🇮 they've sent their greetings. There, we have our own booth where both are presenting our Android and iOS app as well as our web solution.

As a goodbye, we posted a video which we took during our alpaca hike in summer ☀🌳🌾. We had a lot of fun... besides Artur, which had by far the slowest alpaca with by far the coolest name: Chewbacca.

Dear AustrianStartups Team: we had a blast today! Thanks for providing us with the possibility to use your Insta account 🤗💐 Thanks a lot!