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startin group calls within 1 minute
LisaJanuary 17, 20191 min read

Web-based group video calls organized within 1 minute

Did it take you ages to start a group video call so far 🤦🏻‍♂️ ? Downloading, installing and starting an application can be very exhausting. In addition, it needs storage capacities which slow down your device. It’s kind of a vicious circle in which you are never really satisfied with your actual tool. eyeson summarized all your struggles and developed a tool, whose usability beats up all its competitors undoubtedly. Let’s read here how.

How it works 💻

eyeson's web-based group video calls are based on WebRTC standards. This means that no program has to be installed as everything happens in your browser. To actually create an account, you only need an ordinary email address or your Google or Facebook account. Therefore, you can create an eyeson account within seconds without any unnecessary knick-knack 👩🏻‍💻 .

Now you’ll see that eyeson is based on a group system. Groups consist of members who can start video calls and invite others at any time. Access to a group is provided through a  link which has to be shared. Invitees only have to click on it and voilá: they are part of the group. In case that external people join a video call, the QuickJoin link can be used. This link enables guests to join a video call with only 2 clicks without any registration for only one time 📩 . 

Features ⚡

Besides the essentials, eyeson provides many features as well. You can cast your screen and share your files in your meeting. Moreover, you can generate your own content by recording your video calls, taking snapshots or streaming live on Youtube and Facebook. Finally, the best of all: With eyeson you can react with animated GIFs to your team. They are shown for a couple of seconds instead of your own video. No need for words here 🙊 . If you want to know more about our features, visit our homepage.

An app in the Google Play and App Store is available in case that members of your team want to join the video call on the go.

As you can see, having video meetings can be very easy. Don’t compromise on great usability and convince yourself by trying it out. Web-based group video calls should be the standard communication tool in every company 🙌🏻 .

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