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LisaApril 3, 20191 min read

Collaboration Tools and the New Working Trend

The terms new work and Work-as-a-Service (WaaS) are taking over the business world. Employers are eager to react, as this trend is inevitable. Read on to find out about the changes in the new working environment and why eyeson video meeting and other collaboration tools are part of this trend.

The new working trends

Studies show that employees are starting to demand more flexibility and freedom. They want to work from anywhere, at any time. Hence, fixed traditional working hours from 8 am until 4 pm from Monday to Friday become somehow redundant. Offices get less important, and the human is starting to play a more central role. Employees are starting to focus more on work-life balance when deciding to take a job or not.

People compromise to get more flexibility. They tend to change companies faster, accepting higher workloads, giving up company benefits, or paying for their technology. As a result, companies have to react by using collaboration tools that support their employees regarding this working trend.

Collaboration tools on the rise

As a collaboration tool, eyeson is becoming more critical for many industries since it facilitates team communication remarkably. Nowadays, it is rather unusual that all members of the teamwork in the same office. Some might be on a business trip, some work remotely, and others tend to do home office. However, the project- and teamwork should not suffer from these new settings. It is more important than ever to guarantee proper and transparent communication.

eyeson allows for easy and hassle-free video communication. The web-based system offers a user-friendly interface and many useful features that are decisive for adequate business communication. 

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