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Tutorial - How to activate widescreen for your meetings

Thomas Stenitzer
Posted by Thomas Stenitzer on September 27, 2022

If you use your API-key to start a meeting, you can now start video meetings in widescreen mode (HD/aspect-ratio 16:9).

To start a meeting in HD/16:9 just start a meeting with the new options[widescreen]=true parameter:

  • Grab your API-key from the developer portal.
  • Copy and paste the following curl into your shell: 
curl -X POST \
-H "Authorization: YOUR_API_KEY" \
-d "user[name]=John Doe" \
-d "options[widescreen]=true" \



Video: How to use curl to start a video meeting in widescreen mode (HD/16:9).

Additional information:

  • Widescreen mode is supported in all browsers.
  • Cameras that don’t support the 16:9 format, will be adjusted to fit in automatically.
  • Any eyeson meeting video in widescreen mode has 1280x720 pixels. The default 4:3 format has 1280x960 pixels.
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