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Feature-rich video software
Giannenta MilioSeptember 19, 20224 min read

Robust Video Software for Financial Departments: Connect, Share, and Analyze in Real Time

Video calls are already an irreplaceable part of our daily lives. As modern advancements continue to improve video-conferencing features, video software has also proven to be applicable to every sector of business. In financial departments, in particular, implementing robust video software can offer countless benefits.
Meeting with remote clients and team members face-to-face can already enhance the work of financial professionals. But more feature-rich video software can help you track and analyze data, enhance your cybersecurity, and integrate with your CRM. This can be game-changing for your entire department and organization.

In this article, we’ll discuss five key ways that highly configurable video apps for internal and customer meetings can help your financial department thrive.

Spark Organizational and Revenue Growth

In the beginning phase of a new business, company leaders need to nail down a number of business processes — including invoicing, purchase orders, and payroll — and prepare a long-term financial plan. Your efforts will set the stage for the future of your company. If you want to spark organizational growth for years to come, your financial department must be highly communicative from the start.

Quality video software doesn’t just make it easy for financial professionals to communicate with their peers. It can also contribute to a more proactive financial department by giving them more control over business cash flow, which affects every company’s long-term viability. Certain video software services empower financial teams to display real-time data with video overlays that help you visualize projections, trends, and more during a meeting.

By making data more transparent for your remote team members, competent financial professionals can better analyze cash flow and, as a result, make better decisions for future revenue growth.

Streamline Business Processes

In addition to improving the results of your financial processes, it can also reduce the time you need to spend on various workflows. For example, video calls can reduce the amount of time you spend finalizing contracts and invoices by bringing you, your clients, and other decision-makers together for real-time negotiations. With eyeson’s application programming interface (API), you can even integrate documents, e-signatures, and live media into your video calls for even more efficient financial workflows.

If you have clients waiting on your financial department, this efficiency can help you achieve a faster time to market.

Evaluate and Optimize Team Performance

To adequately contribute to organization-wide goals, financial department leaders must ensure their team is performing at its best. Robust video software can be a great tool for evaluating the performance of the department as well as individual team members since you can easily share performance data and collaborate on a game plan for enhancing results.

Video software can also help your financial team members optimize their performance when working with clients. With eyeson, you can sync user data from your meetings with Salesforce, which can help you evaluate progress, address the next steps, and accurately bill clients for your time.

Plus, built-in security features can give clients greater peace of mind when it comes to their data, contributing to a better customer experience.

Increase Productivity With Meeting Analytics

Meeting analytics can also help your financial department do more with its time. Eyeson’s data-tracking capabilities — which can tell you when users enter and leave meetings — can help you evaluate the amount of time spent on different financial processes as well as with specific clients. You’ll gain more attunement to productivity bottlenecks, so you can proactively work to eliminate them before they cause issues.

Boost Performance With Accurate Reporting

When financial professionals work with clients, it’s important to provide highly accurate data. For instance, financial departments play a key role in building a business-sustainability strategy by contributing relevant, compliant, and accurate metrics. Financial professionals can track and share sustainability-related data about accounting software, spending, and beyond.

Video software that offers data-sharing capabilities doesn't just give clients access to accurate data. They can also make data more understandable. Using dynamic layouts and data visualization, you can present live data in whatever format is most beneficial to clients. You can overlay financial projections on charts that display current financial reports or even use motion graphics to display how metrics have changed over time.

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Reap the Benefits of Quality Video Software

Robust video software is a must-have tool for every financial department. As our world gravitates toward more remote work and digital tools, video software with advanced features will help financial professionals collaborate in more effective and efficient ways. Your team can decrease the amount of time you spend on financial processes — often, eliminating bottlenecks that even in-person teams face — and gain more control over your team’s current financial status and its financial future.

Your video software can also contribute to a better customer experience by offering greater transparency as well as enhancing your department’s overall performance. As a result, you can achieve long-term loyalty and further improve your profit margins.

About the author: Luke Smith is a writer and researcher turned blogger. Since finishing college he has been trying his hand at being a freelance writer. He enjoys writing on a variety of topics but technology and digital marketing topics are his favourites. When he isn't writing you can find him travelling, hiking, or getting into the latest tech.