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Working Remotely expert Tips
Thomas StenitzerFebruary 23, 20212 min read

Expert Tips on Working Remotely from Your Home

Working remotely has become the new normal, as technology develops faster and faster, more companies are allowing their employees to work from home. While this may have been a relatively unique situation in the past, companies are starting to see the value that this work situation can have for both them and their employees. If you are new to the world of remote working, here are some tips on how to best prepare for maximum efficiency.

Only Work During Office Hours

One great tip is to set office hours, just like you would have if you were working from your physical office. For instance, be in work mode from 9-5 but before or after that are personal hours where no work is done. This mindset goes a long way towards contributing to a work/life balance.

You'll Need an Office

Most people don't have everything they need on hand to make a home office a viable option. However, you can easily take out a personal loan and be able to afford the equipment you'll need. Along with possible electronic equipment, don't forget to consider office furniture that will be ergonomic. Look for a company that offers personal loan approval in 60 seconds or less. This way, you can start purchasing as soon as possible what you're going to need.#

Turn Off Distraction

Almost everyone has some social media apps on their phone. All of these apps have notification settings that can be quite distracting. One easy way to avoid this is to simply set the notifications to "off." Another even better way is to establish a phone line that is dedicated to working only. You can do this by setting up a landline in your home office. Landlines are quite inexpensive these days and have the added benefit of not being subject to dropped signals or tower outages.

Take Meetings Seriously

When working remotely, it is quite easy to become distracted because you are not in an in-person meeting. If you are in charge of how meetings take place, try to always have them via streaming video services. While they aren't foolproof, it is still easier to tell if a participant is not paying attention to what’s going on than if the meeting is held solely over a phone line. Also, when involved in a meeting, make sure you are in your home office. It is very unprofessional to be sitting on your couch or favorite chair while in an important business meeting. It reflects negatively on you as an employee or supervisor and could have unintended consequences in your professional life.


When you are working in an office, there are other employees who can hold you accountable for your actions, or inaction, as the case may be. When you are working by yourself, you need to hold yourself accountable for staying on a tight schedule and focused on your tasks for the day. By taking this mindset, you will be a much more effective employee and make yourself a valued asset to the company you are looking to continue to move up in.