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eyeson Named Cool Vendor by Gartner Inc.

Posted by Lisa on November 20, 2017
Gartner Inc. named eyeson "Cool Vendor." B ut why exactly are we "cool"? eyeson Named Cool Vendor Due to Innovative Way of Video Meeting and Web Conferencing Gartner Inc. is THE world’s leading research and advisory company worldwide, and the nomination as cool vendor is truly an honor! Out of 5 nominees, eyeson represents the only European company, competing with solely US-based companies under the category unified communications in 2017 . eyeson provides a highly-sophisticated solution for video meeting collaboration.  eyeson offers an unlimited number of active attendees during a video conference. The bandwidth stays low regardless of the number of meeting participants due to its patented Single Stream Technology. The API is the foundation of all SDKs, frameworks, UI components, and libraries. Moreover, eyesons' API offers direct control of its cloud MCU instances.  Overall, the eyeson MCU runs as a software service on any server, favoring cloud services for high scalability. Also, recordings are triggered and managed on your MCU. Moreover, eyeson allows you to stream and broadcast online video conferences on YouTube or Facebook. eyeson supports all browsers and platforms without plugin installation. It is also WebRTC compatible with the latest versions of Safari and Microsoft Edge.

Apps Which Work Great With eyeson

Aside from letting you know that eyeson was named cool vendor, we also wanted to remind you of some cool features. As mentioned before, you can stream eyeson live on Youtube and Facebook. However, you can also use other apps in combination with eyeson. Slack, Dropbox, Zendesk, Freshdesk, Google Cal, Hipchat, Trello, Jira, Talkdesk, Salesforce as well as Zapier work perfectly with eyeson. “Our focus is to provide a software service delivering multimedia streaming of static and real-time elements from multiple data sources and video. So, service providers, developers, and integrators can create engaging services. Our goal is to build highly sophisticated software solutions meeting our clients’ needs”, Michael Wolfgang, CTO at eyeson. That all sounds pretty cool, right? Gartner Inc. thought so too. 😉 Still deciding on a video meeting tool? We can help!

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