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Thomas StenitzerAugust 11, 20221 min read

eyeson ghostbuster - offsite streams in your meeting with a click

Drones, bodycams or IP-Cams in video meetings are getting more and more popular because it allows all participants to see a remote location without physically getting there.

Whether it is a drone to get an overview, an underwater drone to inspect, a body cam to be on the side or a survival cam to get an instant picture, offsite cams are bringing a lot of benefits. But up to today, it is often difficult to include people who may be important in these situations because there is no possibility to stream the video.

Quick setup instruction for drones in a meeting

eyeson ghostbuster RTMP is a sample implementation of the eyeson ghost binaries wrapped into nw.js to demonstrate the benefit of adding offsite devices to a meeting.



Now you can meet with people all over the world to get the information to whom it may be important: think of insurance experts who do not need to go to a remote side to inspect, forest experts who do not have to travel across a remote area just to inspect a certain spot, or technical experts to support people working with a complex machine somewhere in the world, where getting there would last for days.

All you have to do is to

  1. install eyeson ghostbuster RTMP on your computer. You can download the installation files for Windows or MacOS, or use our client for RTSP sources (Windows / MacOS)
  2. Start it on your computer, connect to a running meeting via the guest link or start a new eyeson meeting with your API key and enter the custom RTMP address on your drone, bodycam, etc.
  3. A simple integration of ngrok is included if your offsite device is not in the same network as the computer you are using. Activate it in the settings.


The tool provides you with the streaming addresses for your drone, body cam, IP cam:

  • Use the (network) address for a remote stream within your network,
  • the (local) address for sources on this computer (e.g. OBS or VLC),
  • and (ngrok) for offsite devices like drones, and body cams.

Enjoy the view!

Learn more at our help center:

Video tutorial