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Utilizing Video For Successful Employee Recruitment and Onboarding
Giannenta MilioAugust 3, 20224 min read

Utilizing Video For Successful Employee Recruitment and Onboarding


Recruitment and onboarding have changed a lot in the last few years. More employees are working on an entirely remote basis and getting physical teams together to welcome new staff just hasn’t been possible. Fortunately, virtual solutions now exist to help recruiters reach talent and improve the connection between leadership and employees.
In particular, it is now possible to provide live, interactive videos in tandem with emerging tech and software to give employers a headstart during the recruitment and onboarding stage.

Virtual Networking Events

Networking events are great for employers and job hunters alike. Employers love meeting new talent in a face-to-face setting and job seekers can improve their chances of getting hired by connecting with hiring managers and putting forward a professional, capable appearance.

For a long time, hosting virtual networking events was seen as a step down from physical events. But now, due to improvements in tech, shifting from physical to virtual events can be a real boon for employers.

Virtual events give employers the chance to educate, empower, and inspire the audience without the need to drop a bomb on renting a space or traveling to job fairs. Additionally, recruiters can connect with talent from around the world during a virtual networking event. This gives hiring managers a chance to deepen their prospective talent pool and add greater diversity to their company.

Of course, hosting a virtual networking event does take a unique set of skills and a few handy programs. Programs like eyeson’s stream-in-stream can be particularly useful for recruiters who want to coordinate live streams from around the world in their networking events. Stream-in-stream also gives hosts the ability to integrate other tools and software into the stream in a seamless, user-friendly fashion.

Training and Onboarding

Training and onboarding are important. Smooth and seamless onboarding helps new employees feel connected to company culture and ensures that managers and business owners create a positive work environment. This makes video technology particularly important in today’s digital age, where employees are looking to join tech-savvy businesses that take their training seriously.

Hosting a video conference while conducting training and onboarding used to involve a lot of dead air as onboarding managers struggled to navigate tabs and display their screens.

Now, eyeson helps mentors build a virtual connection with new employees through video meetings that are suited to a professional environment. A professional video conferencing platform can help improve collaboration and gives employees a chance to listen and be present without distraction.

eyeson’s virtual meetings can also streamline the onboarding process through tools like e-signatures during meetings. This helps hiring managers replicate an in-person onboarding process and can help employees feel better connected to their new workplace.

Finding unique video solutions to current HR challenges is vital during training and onboarding. In the next few years, nearly 25% of all professional jobs in the U.S. will be remote and video tools can help recruiters and hiring managers support equity in the workplace, encourage greater socialization amongst virtual teams, and improve the quality of training for new hires.

Other Tools and Video

Simply streaming a video is no longer enough to retain new employees' attention during recruitment and onboarding. Employers today must be able to integrate tech software like workflow management solutions to help make the hiring and training process that much smoother.

Fortunately, adding video to existing workflow software is easier than ever before. For example, eyeson’s application programming interface (API) allows users to integrate data, images, streams, and doc files into a video or stream. This means that workflow tools can be effectively customized to provide users with solutions and unique interfaces which suit their company’s particular culture and onboarding operations.

Tips for Video Utilization

Videos and live streaming undoubtedly add an element of “realness” to a company's recruitment and onboarding practices. However, simply subjecting job seekers and new hires to the same stock videos will not cut it.

Instead, hiring managers and recruiters should learn to spot the signs of burnout and create bespoke, interactive video content that is relevant to the employee and involves them in some way.

Leadership teams do their part to avoid burnout amongst new employees by hosting a multi-person video conference. This will give new hires the chance to engage with one another and build community. Employers will need to utilize technology that accommodates all participants and should cater to Deaf or visually impaired employees that need captioning or screen reading.

The Takeaway

Video has the potential to connect recruiters and trainers with talent from all around the world. However, to get the most from their video tech, employers should choose an API that offers them greater flexibility during networking events, hiring processes, and training programs. eyeson’s API offers a perfect solution for businesses that want to take control of their company’s culture and embrace the future of remote work.

About the author: Luke Smith is a writer and researcher turned blogger. Since finishing college he has been trying his hand at being a freelance writer. He enjoys writing on a variety of topics but technology and digital marketing topics are his favourites. When he isn't writing you can find him travelling, hiking, or getting into the latest tech.