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eyeson goes WeAreDevelopers World Congress 2022
Giannenta MilioJune 10, 20223 min read

eyeson at WeAreDevelopers World Congress 2022

Here at eyeson, we are vigorously preparing for the WeAreDevelopers World Congress taking place in Berlin - pretty exciting after long years of lockdowns and restrictions!

We are preparing several surprises at our booth and we’d love to meet many of you there live.
You can already book your spot to be the first one to learn the newest video meeting hacks! 

eyeson has many surprises in store

We are looking forward to welcoming you to Halle A Level 1 A3.7 - coffee and some handmade Austrian chocolate will be the best ice breakers.

After a long and fruitful brainstorming, our team has decided on a number of T-shirts to be given to our visitors. It hasn't been easy to choose between the many creative suggestions but we are now ready and hope you will like our goodies as much as we do.

WAD Shirts

Stay tuned for more information and status updates!

For the educational part, what will also be unique, are the workshops that our developers have prepared for the two consecutive days of the congress. We are excited about this opportunity to show how eyeson is innovating live video meetings and what advantages our technology and services bring.

Workshop l

The first workshop, held by Christoph Lipautz, full-stack developer at eyeson will show how to  build a video communication platform from scratch

Dealing with video conferences can be a complex task and eyeson is here to help! In this workshop, we will build a custom web based platform from scratch that connects users to online meetings. The software will authenticate users, manage and control video conferences and store a history of meetings. As a communication base we will stick to the eyeson API and utilize its features to our needs. Some of the topics covered by the workshop are: User Authentication, Meeting Access Control, Meeting History, Storage of Snapshots and Recordings, Custom User Interface.
Although we build a standalone application, we will see how easy it is to adapt the solution to use within an existing project.

Workshop ll

Our second workshop next Wednesday, will be led by Stefan Benicke, our Senior Frontend Developer. This workshop is rightfully named ”Video meeting on steroids - live data, layout hacks and automated tasks” and we promise to show you a new side of video meetings including live data, layout hacks and automated tasks. 

Video conferences can be more than just people sitting in front of (muted) cameras. In this workshop, we will show you how to control and influence a running meeting by manipulating the layout and the look and feel, how to add and show live data, and how to automate tasks based on your specific needs.
The software will interact with the running meeting, receive information and show live data based on whatever is currently happening. Some of the topics covered by the workshop are: Cross-platform Video Meetings, Customize Video Layout, Customize Video Stream, WYSIWYG, and Automate Related Tasks. We will build an example application covering some use cases to see how easy it is to enhance video meetings.

Interactive Demos at our booth

What's the best way to learn something new without it being boring? In the interactive demos we have prepared especially for WAD World Congress you will discover a new side of video meetings. No matter if you are a developer, sales executive, or project manager looking for a video solution, you can test our API yourself just with a couple of clicks. Our dedicated team will show you how you can program video meetings to fit your specific project and further enhance operations.
Moreover, in our Layout Demo, we will show you how to change the look & feel of your video meeting on the fly.

We cannot wait to meet many of you there!

Oh! There is also a little something to look forward to. We will make it easy to find us around the Congress Hall ;) Come engage with our team - we promise it will be fun!

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