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you will love the gif reactions
LisaAugust 10, 20181 min read

Upgrade your group video chat with the new GIF feature

You sometimes lack words when you’re having a group video chat with your friends and co-workers? With the brand new video injection feature of eyeson you won’t be in that situation anymore 😉

How does it work?

During the group video chat you only have to click on one of the emojis and then an animated GIF will be shown for a couple of seconds instead of your own video. Moreover, you can browse through GIPHY’s database if you are looking for something in particular.


Why should I use GIFs for my group video chat?

“During the last weeks, we’ve noticed that the development stand-ups took a little bit longer than usual. Moreover, we had the feeling they’ve become funnier. Therefore, we had a look at our colleague’s desktop screen and got it: the testing of the new GIF feature had just started", the jealous marketing department at eyeson.

GIFs simply make fun and moreover, they are part of the snackable content category. While an image has a thousand words, a GIF has more than a million. Therefore, you can find GIFs for any context you need. They are truly ...


Don’t you think so?

GIFs have manifested themselves as a part of the pop-culture. People react with them to certain events or they even create ones within less than a minute. Although GIFs were invented already 30 years ago, they have become indispensable within the communication industry recently. Additionally, language barriers do not have to be considered when using a GIF in your group video chat.

Can I use eyeson also without this feature?

Sure! Video reactions are enabled by default. You can disable them in your room settings. Therefore, you decide whether you want to use your group video chat with or without GIFs.

Read more about our features here.  

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