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Iryna SydorchukFebruary 21, 20241 min read

How to Add Weather Widget to an Eyeson Video Call

Displaying live weather data in your Eyeson video call can be a great way to enhance the meeting experience. With the Eyeson API and a weather API, you can build dynamic weather widgets right into your call layout.

Get Your Weather API Key

First, you'll need an API key from a weather data provider such as:

  • OpenWeatherMap
  • AccuWeather

Here's an example using OpenWeatherMap:


Make the Weather API Request

To get the current weather data, we'll make a request to the API. 


The API returns a JSON object with the temperature, weather conditions, location name, and more.


Create the Weather Widget

With the weather data, we can create a widget using the Eyeson API.  Here's an example: 

This shows the location name, current temperature, and a weather icon. The widget can be customized further with additional styles and data fields. Read here how to create a custom text box.


Send the Overlay Layer to Eyeson

Finally, we can send the weather widget blob to the Eyeson API:


Final Code Version

Here's a final version of a code:


One Last Look

Here’s a performance of a weather widget on Eyeson video call:



And that's a wrap! By just a few lines of code, you can elevate your Eyeson calls by displaying live weather data. Curious about what other APIs you could integrate? Maybe public transport updates or real-time stock exchange values? Let us know and don't miss out on exploring more thrilling articles on our Tech Blog!