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settings of your eyeson room
ShanyFebruary 24, 20201 min read

How to change the settings of your room

Wondering how you can change the settings of your eyeson room? We'll show you how it's done.


When you enter a room, you can see a cog icon on the upper right-hand side. First of all, you should know is that you, as an owner of the room that can adjust the room settings as needed. You can do this at any time. To personalize your room, you can change the name of the room. If you don't want additional members & guests to join calls in this room, you can always lock it. Locking your room will disable your room link so nobody else can utilize it. If you want to protect your room link from guests but still want to share it with other hosts, you can switch off guests join functionality.

Furthermore, you can use your eyeson room settings to deactivate certain features you don't want in the video call. For example, let's turn off the live streaming and recording. Once you hit "Apply," these features will not be accessible during your video calls in that room. When you want to reaccess these features, simply turn them back on. Keep in mind, you as the room owner can also delete the room if it is no longer needed.

Lastly, if you face any problems along the way or would like to know more about eyeson, please check out our other tutorials our visit our help center.