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ShanyMay 5, 20201 min read

Creating a New Normal: How To Shift to a Winning Remote Working Company

Want to learn what three successful CEOs have to say about Creating a new normal after COVID-19? How can one shift a company to a winning remote working company? We had our first LinkedIn Live on May 12th at 3 pm CEST as we are starting a series of Livestream events to discuss trending work-related topics. Our first episode featured our CEO and co-founder Andreas Kröpfl, Ferruccio Bottoni from USoundTect, as well as moodley CEO and founder Mike Fuisz.  The event was hosted by Sergio Lobo, a well known corporate trainer and business coach who loves to challenge professionals. His live streaming experience, coupled with his charming nature, makes him the perfect pick to host our events.

Creating a new Normal: What does that even mean?

The topic of this first round of discussions revolved around "Creating a New Normal."  With a large part of the world shifting to remote work, we face new challenges to overcome. How are different companies dealing with the current situation? Can leaders hold the team spirit high when the future has never been more uncertain? How can companies deal with the many uncertainties and keep the creativity flowing? What management style is constructive? Are we moving towards a 4-day week and will we decrease the amounts of meetings in the future? Are we even creating a new normal? Find out what these successful CEOs and business leaders have to say.

About Our LinkedIn Live Speakers

Sergio Lobo is a well-known trainer and business coach, helping professionals reinvent themselves so that they achieve the success they deserve.

Mike Fuisz is Co-Founder of the Austrian design and strategy group moodley. Additionally, Fuisz is also Partner at Fifteen Seconds: Europe’s leading anti-conference and international platform at the intersection of business, innovation, and creativity.

Ferruccio Bottoni is Co-Founder and Managing Director of USound GmbH and of Fauna Audio GmbH. Both companies are strong-growing Austrian high-techs revolutionizing the personal audio field. Ferruccio is a physicist and describes himself as an avid reader and learner. PArticularly focusing on new technology, management theory, and human behavior.

Andreas Kröpfl is CO-Founder and CEO at eyeson. The company produces a cloud-based group video meeting software which is specialized in serving teams for their daily meetings.