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streaming with linkedin
ShanyMay 12, 20202 min read

LinkedIn Live: Why you should start live-streaming on LinkedIn today

Different social media platforms require different types of content. Gone are the days where one could ignore the power of creating platform-specific content. Arguably the most important social media type for many businesses is LinkedIn. The platform launched it's native video feature in 2017 and quickly realized just how powerful video really is. According to insights from LinkedIn, video is the fastest-growing content-type on the platform and is 5x more likely to generate conversations with members and 20x more likely to be re-shared. In the 20 months since launching video, LinkedIn has seen a big boost in traffic and revenues from non-live videos. Not surprisingly, the 600 million user platform has now taken a step further and released it's LinkedIn Live feature for broadcasting.

Why LinkedIn Live is such a powerful tool

With LinkedIn Live you can engage with your business audience and provide content that is meaningful. LinkedIn has the world’s largest professional community and it's likely that a large part of it is getting bored of seeing the same kind of content. Livestreaming allows you to tell a story and we all know, that everyone loves a good story.

Another important argument why you should start live streaming on LinkedIn today is because of your first-mover advantage. LinkedIn Live is growing quickly and lots of brands are thinking about going live, but haven't dared to. Furthermore, we can expect that in the future, LinkedIn will try and monetize the live streaming feature. Right now, you have the chance to use this powerful feature without ads disrupting your storyline, which is a huge plus.

So while you should dare to be bold and tell a story on LinkedIn, you should also keep a few things in mind before going live.

Things to avoid when live streaming on LinkedIn:

  • Do not try and sell anything. Your live stream should give the audience some insightful information or inspire them.
  • Do not show pre-recorded content because that will defeat the purpose of your live stream. It will also keep you from being able to engage with your audience, which essentially should be the main point of it all.
  • Plan on speaking for at least half an hour. Anything shorter than 10-15 minutes won't be enough time for your audience to increase and interact, so keep that in mind.
  • Don't keep your audience waiting. It may seem daunting to start before everyone is watching, but you shouldn't let people waiting for more than two minutes. You'll just risk losing those that came on time!

Use your personal story to stand out on LinkedIn

Whether you want to attract employees, showcase innovation, promote an event, interview a guest,  or simply demonstrate expertise. Depending on your industry, there is always some type of format that will speak to your LinkedIn audience. Do you sell sports goods? Interview an athlete! Do you sell eyewear? Give us some insights into optometry. The biggest mistake is to expect that your customers know everything already. Taking the time to identify your personal story—finding just a small nugget, which makes you relatable—can reinforce your personal brand.

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