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Stream to youtube and facebook
LisaNovember 5, 20181 min read

Live Streaming to Facebook & Youtube with eyeson

Yes, with eyeson you can stream your group video calls live to Facebook and Youtube. The only necessity is an eyeson account 😉 and of course, you need a Facebook or Youtube account... depending on your choice 🎦 You can use this awesome feature only in the Web, as an app user you can solely watch it. However, it makes fun and you should definitely try it out. Read here how it works:

Live streaming with Facebook

Simply start a group video call with your friends or colleagues. When you are all in your video call and ready, just click on “Start live streaming”. Then, you can decide between Facebook or Youtube. Decide for Facebook and chose where you want to stream your video call. You can decide between:
  • Your timeline
  • A friend’s timeline
  • A group
  • An event
  • A page you manage
As you can see, you have five options in total. Moreover, you can add a video title and various video tags. Further, you can write an introduction for your watchers to explain why you are broadcasting this video on Facebook etc. Therefore, you can communicate prior to your live stream to your audience.

Live streaming with Youtube

Besides on Facebook, you can stream your group video calls on Youtube as well. The only necessity is that you have an AdSense account on Youtube. How to create such an account is explained in detail, in our help center. So go ahead and let's get started ✅

Features Features Features

Besides live streaming, eyeson offers many more features. That you get an overview, we summarized them for you as follows:
  • Screencasting
  • PDF/file sharing
  • Recording
  • Quick Join
  • Chat
  • Multi-Speaker layout
  • Accessible video call history
  • Snapshots
  • GIF reactions

To get detailed information about our features, visit this article.

Due to the fact that you can live stream with our software, you can generate group video calls and webinars which can be watched by an unlimited number of people. You can use the live stream feature with a free license as well 😉

Last but not least, eyeson offers an Android and iOS app as well. Try them out and let us know what you think 😃