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Iryna SydorchukOctober 4, 20234 min read

Make the Objective Driven Meeting a Reality by Bridging the Gap with Eyeson API

We all know the feeling. Another remote meeting on the calendar, another chance for lost productivity and time that could have been spent elsewhere. It's not surprising that research suggests 43% of meeting attendees come out feeling more disoriented than when they walked in. Even worse, disorganized meetings cost businesses an alarming $541 billion in lost time and productivity annually. But what if there's a way to reclaim that time, refocus those meetings, and drive concrete outcomes? Enter objective-driven meetings, empowered by technology like Eyeson API and AI Language Learning Models (LLMs).

The Significance of Objective-Driven Meetings

Companies are no longer blind to the substantial cost poorly executed meetings can have. Research reveals that a full 37% of employees view inefficient meetings as the single largest unnecessary expense their organizations face. To tackle this, objective-driven meetings come into play with a focus on three core principles:

  • Alignment: Everyone understands the purpose and goals.
  • Productivity: The meeting serves as a vehicle for constructive engagement.
  • Accountability: Action items are clearly identified and followed up on.

The Blueprint for Running Objective-Centric Meetings

If you're aiming to host an effective, objective-driven meeting, the devil is in the details—specifically, planning. Start by laying out the meeting's primary objectives using the S.M.A.R.T framework, which stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound. Share these objectives through the meeting invitation and distribute any prep materials at least a day in advance. This way, attendees can hit the ground running.

At the meeting's outset, reaffirm the objectives, and designate a timekeeper to ensure things remain on track. Engage participants by assigning tasks or responsibilities, thereby encouraging active participation. Conclude by summarizing action items and accountable parties. This proactive approach does more than just keep attendees engaged; it sets the stage for follow-through and ultimate success.


Introducing Eyeson API: Your Partner in Seamless Collaboration

The Eyeson API is not just another video conferencing tool; it's a solution designed to maximize the impact of objective-driven meetings. Beyond delivering crisp audio and visual quality, Eyeson API features screen sharing capabilities and a slew of real-time collaboration tools. The cherry on top? It smoothly integrates with your existing meeting management systems, so you won't have to relearn everything from scratch.

Eyeson Highlights:

  • Smooth integration into your current apps or web platforms
  • Customizable layouts for tailored branding
  • Secure sharing of multiple documents in real-time
  • Full compliance with GDPR and HIPAA guidelines

The Potential of Adding AI to Your Meeting Toolbox

Imagine a meeting where the note-taking takes care of itself, freeing you to focus solely on the conversation at hand. That’s the magic AI can add to your meetings. With AI participation, tasks like summarizing the meeting, identifying action items, and even drafting post-meeting emails become automated processes, derived straight from the meeting's transcript.

Additional AI Functionalities:

  • Analytics tracking speaker time and progress toward meeting objectives
  • In-meeting alerts for deviations from the set agenda
  • Automated completion checkmarks for tasks as they're discussed and completed
  • Individualized feedback for presentation contributors, helping improve future discussions

Benefits of a Tech-Integrated, Objective-Driven Approach

The need for managerial oversight in maintaining an objective-driven meeting environment is unavoidable. However, technologies like Eyeson API and AI LLMs are designed to relieve some of this burden. Eyeson API simplifies the procedural aspects, from screen sharing to document presentation, while AI LLMs assist in real-time documentation and action item generation.

  • Pro Insight: Eyeson's integration capabilities mean that all generated files and recordings can be automatically linked to relevant business metrics, whether that's a project, sales opportunity, or customer data.

Key Insights to Remember

  • Set Clear Objectives: Start your meetings with well-defined goals that align everyone in the room and set the stage for productive outcomes. Using SMART goals can act like a roadmap to success.
  • The Three Lifecycle Phases of Meetings: Consider breaking your meeting into a three-part saga—pre-meeting, the meeting itself, and the post-meeting follow-up. Each phase is crucial for accomplishing your meeting's objectives.
  • Leverage Cutting-Edge Tech: Eyeson's API and AI capabilities are here to make your meetings as seamless as possible. Think of it as your little technological helper.
  • Metrics Matter: Tracking your performance with measurable indicators will highlight the tangible improvements in productivity, decision-making speed, and action-item completion.
  • High Satisfaction All Around: When meetings are done right, not only does productivity rise, but participants are generally happier, leading to broader business benefits like cost savings.


In a world that’s shifting increasingly towards remote work, technologies like Eyeson API are no longer just convenient—they’re essential. When employed within an objective-driven meeting framework, they can revolutionize meeting efficiency, productivity, and results. It’s time to make the most out of every meeting. Read our whitepaper on objective driven meetings. 

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