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Mastering the Art of Presentable Spaces: How to Hide a Messy Room for The Eyeson Video Call
Iryna SydorchukJuly 27, 20232 min read

Mastering the Art of Presentable Spaces: How to Hide a Messy Room for The Eyeson Video Call

In today's world, video communications have become as essential as the air we breathe (well, almost). Whether it's the dreaded work meetings, virtual parties, or catching up with loved ones, having your camera on has become the unwritten rule. Let's dive into the "oh-so-important" reasons:

  • Establishing Connection: Turning on your camera during a video call is like unlocking a mystical realm of connection. Suddenly, those pixelated faces come to life, and the non-verbal cues start flowing. From eyebrow raises to eye rolls, your facial expressions add a touch of humanity to the conversation. 
  • Building Trust, One Pixel at a Time: Visible faces create trust. Think of it as a digital handshake, a visual confirmation that you're present and ready to dive into the virtual depths of collaboration. By showing your face, you send a powerful message: "I'm here, I'm engaged, and I'm not secretly browsing cat videos."
  • Enhancing Communication: Move aside, ancient methods of communication! Visual cues are all the rage now. Because let's be honest, words alone are so last century. Seeing each other's faces, contorted in various shapes of confusion or feigned interest, adds that extra flair to the conversation.

Background Matters: The Art of Selective Virtual Reality

Ah, the background — yes, that little slice of your personal kingdom that manages to sneak into the frame. Apparently, it holds a mystical power over your virtual presence. Here's why it's apparently crucial:

  • Professionalism: Move over, Hollywood sets and fancy backdrops. A clean, organized background is now the epitome of professionalism (or at least that's what they want you to believe). It's like curating a virtual art gallery, showcasing your attention to detail and your undeniable commitment to maintaining an appearance that screams, "I have it all together!"
  • Privacy and Security: But wait, there's more! Eyeson's Virtual Backgrounds also offer a cloak of privacy. Whether you're calling from your cozy home office or a bustling coffee shop, you can shield your surroundings from prying eyes. No more accidental glimpses of embarrassing posters or questionable décor choices. Your secrets are safe within the Eyeson’s virtual realm. 

Utilize Depth of Field with Eyeson:

Depth of Field is another innovative feature offered by Eyeson that allows you to blur the background, keeping the focus on you. Here's how this feature enhances your video call:

  • Visual Focus: With a simple flick of this virtual wand, you can blur the background, and keep the focus solely on you. It's like stepping onto a grand stage, where the world fades into a beautiful haze, leaving you as the sole star of the show.
  • Professionalism and Aesthetics: Forget about genuine expression and creative freedom—conformity is the name of the game. Just slap on a blurred background and a touch of elegance, and voila! You've successfully masked your true self behind a shallow facade of aesthetic professionalism. Read more about the Depth of Field in this article. 

So, the next time you embark on a video call journey, remember the power of cameras and backgrounds. Unleash the magic of visual connection, show your face with pride, and let Eyeson be your guide to creating a remarkable virtual communication experience. It's time to take your video calls from ordinary to extraordinary.