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creating the new normal
ShanyMay 15, 20201 min read

Creating a New Normal: Mobile Apps Paving the Way

Mobile apps have become a key element in response to the coronavirus. After all, mobile apps paved the way for the infrastructure we have today. They provide information, self-assessment, and even remote healthcare. Additionally, apps make our everyday lives easier when face-to-face communication is not possible. The world is looking for new ways of communication. Both public authorities and private initiatives are making use of apps to reach the population. Most importantly, they are bridging the distance between people and organizations.

But things are moving quickly in the mobile app industry, and there are lots of questions we wanted to ask the experts. How did mobile apps pave the way for us?  Which mobile app producers manage to grow in times of crisis? With each passing day, work from home is becoming more of a reality for people across the world. So how has communication changed since the outbreak of COVID-19? What are some of the security issues mobile app developers are dealing with?

Watch our  eyes on virtual speaker series to hear the answers to those and many more burning questions about the mobile app world. Our second episode featured Thiemo Gillissen from moodley, Aparan Sosale from Applift, and Thomas Kribernegg from Appradar. Sergio Lobo hosted our live stream event. His live streaming experience and curiosity makes him the perfect pick to ask all our questions!

About Our LinkedIn Live Speakers

Aparna Sosale is Senior Marketing Manager at Applift. A leading mobile ad tech company that empowers businesses to reach and convert their audiences on mobile.

Thomas Kribernegg is CEO at App Radar. The company helps Apps and Games become successful with an AI-powered App Store Optimization solution. Their goal is simple: supporting apps & mobile games to be found.

Thiemo Gillissen is a partner and managing director interactive at moodley. Additionally, Gillissen is also a partner at Fifteen Seconds: Europe’s leading anti-conference and international platform at the intersection of business, innovation, and creativity.