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moderate the central video layout
Thomas StenitzerMay 27, 20201 min read

Moderate the central video layout and switch users in and out

Welcome to eyeson! Want to know how to edit your eyeson video layout? You can connect up to 100 participants in one video call, where 9 of them are visible in the video stream. To best suit your video conferencing needs, we implemented the eyeson video layout setting. Watch this short video to learn about the different layout options and how to change them. Now, let’s get started!


To change the layout, you have to be in a running video call. In the bottom-left corner, select more options. In this menu, you can now select the layout option. A pop-up box will display with the layout options available. In this change layout box, you can edit the video stream layout. Manually one, two, or four places are available, while the auto-layout shows nine people at a time. With the manual options, you can always drag & drop the names of the speakers to the preferred position. Down below, you can also choose if you want to display participant names or not.

Kindly note, this is not a personal setting, so if you do change the layout, all other participants will have the same view as you. You can change the video layout at any time, whether you are a host or a guest, no admin rights are needed.

Lastly, if you are the owner of the room, you can also disable the layout functionality in the room settings.

Go back to see more video tutorials or visit our help center for more detailed info on how to change the video layout.