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share meeting link ahead of the meeting
Iryna SydorchukJune 18, 20242 min read

Permalink API: Share Meeting Links Ahead of the Meeting with Eyeson

Until recently, the Eyeson API was only designed to create and use meeting rooms immediately. When you make a POST request to /rooms, a meeting room is created instantly, and the link provided is valid only for that session. If no one joins the meeting room, it will automatically shut down, and the link will expire shortly thereafter.

Many developers requested a feature that allows them to share a meeting link ahead of time, even before the meeting starts. Eyeson listened and delivered.

With the Permalink API, you can pre-define your meeting room using all the necessary settings. In advance, share the guest link through WhatsApp, Email, Calendar, or others. When the time comes, you can start the meeting using your personal GUI host link, ensuring everything is ready and accessible at the agreed time.


Pre-define Your Meeting Room to Get Its Meeting Link

POST /permalink

HEADERS Authorization


# options[exit_url] and many more options


Get All The Links You Need



  "links": {

    "gui": "",

    "guest_join": ""




  • Note: Host user GUI links need to be kept secret! Make sure only to share guest links!


Custom UI

The links generated through Eyeson's Permalink API come with a prebuilt UI, ensuring that everything works seamlessly out of the box - no additional setup is required! But we didn't stop there. Understanding the need for greater flexibility, we’ve added enhanced features to give you more control over how you use the Permalink API.

The Permalink API offers various endpoints to enhance your control and integration options. You can gather meeting information, check the current running state, start the meeting using a permalink user token, and register a guest user. These features, among many others, simplify integrating the Permalink API with your custom UI.

The process:

  • Create a permalink and store both its user token and guest token.
  • Meeting hosts can use the user-token to start the meeting at any time.
  • Guests must wait until the host starts the meeting and then join using the guest token.

For easier integration, we have added functions in EyesonJS. 


Update The Settings 

If needed, after creating the permalink, you may want to update the settings. 


Register More Hosts 

In addition to updating, you can register multiple host users to a permalink. This enables any registered host to start the meeting at the scheduled time.


Delete The Permalink 

You can also delete a permalink at any time. Once deleted, all associated links and tokens will become invalid immediately.


Contact and Feedback 

Dive deeper into our Documentation, read more interesting articles in our Tech Blog, and create a GitHub ticket if you have any questions.