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people of a video call with a dynamic call widget
Iryna SydorchukJune 3, 20241 min read

How to Add a Dynamic Clock Widget to Your Eyeson Video Call

Using the Eyeson API with the time data, we can create a clock widget. Follow this guide for step-by-step instructions.

Import the Modules & Start a Meeting


Create a Layer & Styling Variables

We can customize fonts, colors, alignment, etc. Here’s our version:

The layer is created in widescreen format. The parameters are 1280x720 (1280x960 for standard format). 

Obtain the Current Time & Add the Text Box

Get the current time and add a text box:

Read more about the text box here

Send it to a Meeting

Finally, send it to a meeting and update the time dynamically:


The Final Code Version

Here's the final version of a code:


Code Text Version

Here's the text version of a code:


import Eyeson from 'eyeson-node';

import EyesonLayer from 'eyeson-node-layer';

const eyeson = new Eyeson({ apiKey: '<YOUR API-KEY>' });

const run = async () => {

    const overlay = new EyesonLayer({ widescreen: true });

    const font = 'bold 17px Arial';

    const fontColor = '#000';

    const backgroundColor = '#d9d9d980';

    const borderRadius = 6;

    const padding = [10, 20]; // top-bottom, left-right

    const x = overlay.width / 2;

    const y = overlay.height - 15;

    const origin = 'bottom center';


    const timeString = new Date().toLocaleTimeString('en', { timeStyle: 'short' });

    const timeBox = overlay.addTextBox(timeString, font, fontColor, x, y, origin, padding, null, borderRadius, backgroundColor);


    const user = await eyeson.join('<USERNAME>');

    await user.sendLayer(overlay);


    setInterval(async () => {

        const timeString = new Date().toLocaleTimeString('en', { timeStyle: 'short' });

        timeBox.text = timeString;

        await user.sendLayer(overlay);

    }, 60 * 1000); // update every minute



The addTextBox() function is employed, creating a background box with padding behind the text and utilizing smart positioning. The origin parameter "bottom center" is used for the X and Y coordinates.

Please note that this code assumes the presence of the eyeson-node and eyeson-node-layer modules, and it requires a valid API key and username to function properly.


The End Result

Check the performance of a clock widget in action: 


You can add a dynamic clock widget to your Eyeson call with just a couple of code lines. Read more on how to add a weather widget, public transport widget or a text box. Don’t miss any of the updates on our Tech Blog. Do not hesitate to create a GitHub ticket if you have any questions or feedback.