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eyeson single stream technology
Thomas StenitzerMarch 23, 20211 min read

The eyeson Single Stream Technology for your Video Meeting Needs

The eyeson single stream technology is a unique feature for your every day video meeting needs: whether you are using eyeson SaaS for your daily conferencing or you are developing your video meeting solution with eyeson API.

What is the eyeson single stream technology?

The technology is an upgrade to the already quite sophisticated MCU (Multipoint Control Unit) technology, but enhanced with more scalability. Scalability is responsible for keeping superior video and audio quality during the whole meeting, even when the number of meeting participants increases.

The advantages of the single stream technology 


Compared to other video communication providers, the single stream technology requires less bandwidth and allows lower performing devices to be used. The video quality stays HD all the time, regardless of the bandwidth. 

All participants are sending their audio/video to the eyeson server where it is mixed and, if desired, enhanced with additional data. One stream is sent back to all participants and via RTMP to streaming services. Therefore the server recordings include all sources in one video and can be replayed directly after the live meeting.

All connections are encrypted via the browsers encryption technologies.

Try eyeson WEB for free.

Advantages for developers

The advantage of the eyeson single stream technology is easy to explain:

Deliver video meetings with one click, and integrate special features like screen sharing, recording and live streaming at no extra cost.

Our patented single stream technology offers you a supercharged WebRTC API with automatic bandwidth optimization.

All clients connect with a point to point connection to the server. Use modern JavaScript frameworks or build a native desktop or mobile application. Add animations, videos or data overlays to your live video meetings.

Learn more about the eyeson API to integrate video meetings in your solution.

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