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Stefan SteinbauerMay 6, 20241 min read

Stay in the Loop with Automatic Picture in Picture

Stay in the Loop with Automatic Picture in Picture

Video calls have become integral to our daily lives, whether for work, socializing, or learning. But sometimes, you need to look something up or reference information during a call quickly. Introducing our new "Automatic Picture in Picture" feature – your solution to staying engaged while accessing other resources.

With Auto Picture in Picture, you can seamlessly transition your video call into a compact window when switching to a new tab or application. No more awkwardly minimizing the call or missing out on important moments. Enable this handy feature, and your call will automatically appear in a floating window, allowing you to stay in the loop while you look up that crucial information.

Here's how to activate Auto Picture in Picture:

  1. Join a video call as you normally would.
  2. Once in the call, click the three-dot menu on the left side and navigate to "Device Settings."
    Screenshot 2024-05-06 at 09.53.07
  3. Enable the "Auto pip - auto Picture in Picture" option.

Screenshot 2024-05-06 at 09.55.56

Now, switch to a new tab or web-application whenever you need to reference something during the call quickly. Your video feed will automatically shrink into a resizable window that you can position anywhere on your screen, ensuring you never miss a beat.

Screenshot 2024-05-06 at 11.47.30 (2)

The Auto Picture in Picture feature currently works with Chromium-based browsers, including Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge (version 124 or later). Opera users can look forward to this functionality once Opera migrates to the latest Chromium version.

Never feel disconnected from your video calls again. With Auto Picture in Picture, you can effortlessly stay engaged while accessing the necessary information. Whether you're looking up a quick fact, referencing a document, or searching for that perfect gif to share, this feature keeps you present and at the moment.

Give Auto Picture in Picture a try and experience the convenience of staying in the loop without interruptions. Happy calling!