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Stefan SteinbauerMay 17, 20242 min read

Eyeson for Streamdeck v2 - Release Notes

Eyeson for Streamdeck v2 - Release Notes

In our latest update, we are excited to unveil a series of powerful new features designed to elevate your Eyeson streaming experience. From the innovative Ghost RTMP and RTSP actions that simplify streaming setups, to enhanced Stream Deck integration and improved API functionalities, these updates are crafted to provide you with more control and flexibility. Whether you're adding a drone feed to your meeting or managing recordings more efficiently, these new tools are here to make your Eyeson interactions smoother and more dynamic. Let's dive into the details of what's new and how you can make the most of these enhancements.

Added Ghost RTMP action to start an RTMP server

Ghost is short for Go Host Streaming Client and it is a tool made by Eyeson that connects RTMP or RTSP services and streams it into an Eyeson meeting.

Once you add the action to a button, you will be asked to download and install the Ghost RTMP binary. Clicking the “Download and Install” button will install Ghost to your Streamdeck folder.

Once Ghost is installed, you can set the necessary settings. To add the RTMP stream, you can easily change the user ID to a descriptive name like “drone” or “camera2.”

When used in an active meeting, the function connects in guest mode without input. The connection state and IP address of the RTMP server can be seen on the button itself and in the app function details.

You can now add your drone, ActionCam, or any device supporting RTMP in a layout with the User id.

Added Ghost RTSP action to start an RTSP service

It works similarly to the RTMP server, mainly because it acts as a client and not a server. So you need an RTSP URL to connect. Most IP cameras do support the RTSP protocol.

An advantage of using Ghost RTSP is that your IP cam can stay inside your private network for security reasons, and as long as Ghost is in the same network, its video content can be streamed into any Eyeson meeting.

Optimized icons for new page backgrounds (Stream Deck 6.6)

Stream Deck 6.6 allows page backgrounds. We tweaked the icons to have good contrast even above colorful background images.

Added manage snapshots and recordings for API

We included a small dialog to enable you to download snapshots and recordings of the meetings you started with your API key.

Added Multi Action behavior to Mute toggle, Video toggle, Join/Leave, Recording, Playback

We added some multi action behavior to the mute and video toggles, join/leave, the recording and playback. In my example I created a multi action switch to go into a break of a longer session.

It does the following steps:

  1. Set the Layout to Solo
  2. Mute my microphone
  3. Mute my camera
  4. Start a playback of a countdown video that gets shown instead of my stream.

As you can see below, the function has a drop-down menu. If you choose Video Off, it will turn the video off if it is on, but it will not toggle it to on if it is off. This is a very helpful functionality.

If you have specific questions or feature requests, do not hesitate to send us a message.