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Iryna SydorchukSeptember 20, 20234 min read

The Magic Behind Eyeson's Buttons: Integration for the Curious Developers

Meaningful communication is the cornerstone of success. Whether you're teaming up with colleagues, engaging clients, or sharing moments with family, video conferencing is your go-to virtual handshake. And guess who's leading this virtual renaissance? Eyeson! A frontrunner in video conferencing platforms, Eyeson understands the power of digital connections and offers developers an elegantly seamless integration, opening up a world of exciting possibilities. 

Introduction to Eyeson Integration 

Think of Eyeson as your digital concierge, elevating your platform's user experience with impeccable video conferencing capabilities. This isn't just about making calls; it’s about enhancing your app or website to become a comprehensive communication hub. By offering features such as high-definition video, secure encryption, and unmatched reliability, eyeson integration empowers developers to offer top-tier video experiences right within their platforms.

How Eyeson’s Video Call API Works 

For those who find beauty in brackets and semicolons, eyeson's video call API is akin to a treasure map. With straightforward instructions and developer documentation, integrating eyeson’s rich video functionalities is as simple as a Sunday morning. Want to offer video calls? You got it. Fancy including screen sharing or real-time collaboration tools? Consider it done. The API comes with a vast array of customization options, giving you the liberty to craft an experience that perfectly complements your platform’s essence.

How to Use Eyeson’s API?

First thing's first—you'll need an API key to unlock all the magic Eyeson's API has to offer. Simply register on the Eyeson website to get your key, then include it in your HTTP header as an "Authorization" token.

  • Authorization: YOUR_API_KEY

With this key, you're all set to:

  • 🎥 Start a meeting with style
  • 📸 Manage recordings and snapshots like a pro 
  • 🔔 Hook into webhooks for real-time updates

Let the Meeting Magic Begin! ✨

Initiate your video meeting by making a POST request to the /rooms endpoint. You'll get a JSON package containing essential goodies like access_key and guest_token. 

curl -X POST \

-H "Authorization: YOUR_API_KEY" \

-d "user[name]=Alice" \


  • Remember to include the username—it's the polite thing to do! Feel free to fine-tune your meeting with extra JSON settings. Visit the API Demo for a quick overview.
  • Or simply use one of the ready to use packages on our GitHub

Invite Time! 💌

Once your meeting is up and humming, invite your colleagues or friends to join. You can:

  1. Use the guest_token for a quick and easy invite.
  2. Or, create authenticated users and send them personalized invites with a POST request to the /guests endpoint. 

The Maestro of Your Meeting 🎶 

While your video conference is in full swing, you're in control. Mute, unmute, and manage the room layout with ease. You can also set up webhooks to keep tabs on real-time events and, if needed, stream your meeting to an external endpoint.

Capture the Moments 📷

Ever wish you could capture that perfect meeting moment? With Eyeson's API, you can! To start recording, just make a POST request to the /rooms/<access_key>/recordings endpoint. To wrap things up, a DELETE request will do the trick.

Time to Say Goodbye 👋

All good things come to an end, but don't worry, ending a meeting is as easy as starting one. To close the virtual room and bid everyone farewell, make a DELETE request to the /rooms/<access_key> endpoint.

And there you have it! You're now ready to host, manage, and remember amazing video meetings.

Perks of Syncing Up with Eyeson 

Why make Eyeson your partner in digital excellence? To start, seamless integration boosts overall user experience exponentially. Imagine users enjoying your platform, then seamlessly pivoting to a video conference without the frustrating need to swap platforms or re-authenticate. It's like upgrading from a scooter to a limousine!

Secondly, performance concerns can take a back seat. eyeson's video call API has been engineered for stability and scalability. It's not just about surviving high-traffic scenarios; it's about thriving in them. Your users enjoy a crystal-clear, lag-free video experience—no matter the audience size.

Last but not least, sleep well knowing your data is protected. Eyeson’s state-of-the-art security protocols, featuring end-to-end encryption, give you and your users that much-desired peace of mind.

The ABCs of Integrating Eyeson's Video Conference API 

Don't sweat the tech details; Eyeson makes integration as intuitive as ABC. Once you're registered with eyeson's developer program and have your API credentials, the world—or at least the video world—is your oyster. Your developer dashboard will provide you with a rich JavaScript library that acts as your control panel, offering everything you need to fully customize the video conferencing interface on your platform. For more information, do not hesitate to visit the Eyeson Official API Documentation

Features Galore with Eyeson's Video Conference API 

Who doesn't like a goodie bag? eyeson's API is your very own, filled with feature-rich offerings. From screen sharing for collaborative projects to virtual backgrounds that can transport you to a tropical beach or a corporate boardroom, the choices are endless. Advanced moderation tools also mean you can keep your video environment as controlled or as free-flowing as you like.

🚀 Eyes on the Future of Video Conferencing 

The next wave of digital transformation is upon us, and Eyeson is at its forefront. With the breadth of customization options and user-centric features, eyeson's API serves as a powerful catalyst for this evolution. Developers, this is your chance to be pioneers, setting the standards for what video conferencing should feel like. 

So, as the future unfolds, filled with pixels, possibilities, and endless lines of code, remember this: By integrating Eyeson, you aren't just keeping up with the future—you're defining it. Subscribe to Eyeson and see the difference for yourself.