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invitation email for virtual event
Thomas StenitzerSeptember 3, 20205 min read

How to Write a Perfect Invitation Email for Any Virtual Event

So, you want to host a virtual event and plan to send out invitation emails to the people you’re inviting to the party but don’t know how to? This can be complicated, except you are a professional email marketer.

Billions of emails are exchanged every year. As an event creator, you are in stiff competition with email marketers for people’s attention. However, the good thing is writing an invitation email is different from the usual marketing emails. The question now is, how are you going to write a perfect invitation email that will make people want to participate in your event?

This guide will inform you about everything that you need to know about bringing in people to your event.

What to include in your invitation email

Like every other content, there are four key things that you must include in your invitation email. These are:

1 Essential details such as location, date, duration, and time about the virtual event

It does not matter if you have a venue for your event or an online event; there are specific details that you must include in your invitation email.

  • Location details
  • Exact time and date
  • Event duration

You have to emphasize on the address and include the parking information if possible. As a matter of fact, you can go one step better by embedding Google Maps under the address section.

If it is a webinar that you are inviting people for, you must endeavor to include the relevant links and the login information that the participants would need. The time that you include in your email has to correspond with your audience’s timezone.

If you leave out one crucial detail, it can affect how your ticket sales perform and consequently, the event. But if you forget to include this detail, you can send them an apology email and include the information you missed.

2 Include catchy invitation phrases

You can increase the click-through rates of your contact by being creative with the invitation phrases that you use. They should feel a warm welcome opening your invitation email to ensure that your emails are very friendly.

An example of a catchy invitation phrase is: we will love you to be at the XYZ event. As you close the email, be sure that you answer the unspoken question in your contact mind. Let them know what they stand to gain from their attendance. The only reason they’ll take action is if they can be related to the offer.

3 Make an appealing design for your email invitation

The design of your email invitation and the email copy has to appeal to your readers. The email design should have just one focus. Your event has to be the central message and the focal point of your invitation email. You can’t take the chance of putting a lot of conflicting elements or messages in your email, as this might confuse the reader, and the email will not have the desired effect that it should have.

You can also add some animation into your invitation email by attaching videos or GIFs to it. This is an opportunity to add videos from the past editions of this event if it is an annual thing. According to a study posted by Australia assignment help, 46% of emails are open on mobile. You have to take advantage of this and include a CTA button that is wide reachable for mobile users.

4 Make sure that your email subject is catchy

Deciding on an email subject that is catchy and is right for your invitation email can be very difficult. But if you get it right, then you might as well have hit a gold pot. It is that part of your email that easily grabs your audience’s attention and makes them actually read the email.

The email subject is essential such that it can be the difference between your audience opening and reading your email and abandoning it totally like it is not there. You really can’t overemphasize the importance of an email subject.

If you are looking to create a working subject line, authors at the essay review service have listed some of the essential characteristics of an email subject. A successful email subject:

  • Is personalized.
  • Can generate curiosity.
  • Will communicate scarcity or urgency.
  • Will have important announcements.
  • Has social proof of concept.

Types of invitation emails

With all the knowledge of the key parts of an invitation email, it is essential also to note the different types of invitation emails. This will give you a template to work with when inviting types of people to your event.

1 Inviting people that are new to the virtual event

You will get some necessary logistic information about your base that can be from a trusted source, creating a sense of urgency in the subject line and then putting time and date for the recipient to make their choice. For people that you sure about their email means.

2 Invite people that were at the last year’s event

If it is a virtual event that you host every year, then those returning would love to be differentiated from those coming for the first time. Returning attendees should have unique perks with discounted prices, and all of this is shown to them in an email.

Another way for you to target people that attended the last time is to segment your email list into different target groups. With this, you will be able to create the perfect subject line resonating with the different types of audiences and might lead to a higher open rate.

3 Thank you and follow up – post-event
Once you have successfully held the event, then you should send out a personal email to people. Event promoters indeed spend all the effort and time promoting emails, and in the end, there’s no such thing as a post-event follow up email. Saying thank you after an event will always increase the value of your attendee feedback.


Writing a perfect invitation email for your virtual event is not an easy thing to accomplish. It is difficult all round, from putting the information out to promoting it, getting or not getting feedbacks that you need, etc. you should include clear CTA in your emails since it is supposed to drive an action or a response from the audience. Remember also to be creative with how you craft your image and, most notably, the subject line.

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