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Benefits of working remotely
Giannenta MilioMay 12, 20216 min read

Why Is Working From Home Here to Stay?

Working from home is not something new. Indeed, it has existed as a way of working since a couple of years ago. Being a digital nomad, remote working, working from wherever you want, and traveling the world is something many people dreamed of, but few were able to achieve this dream. This is because most companies and businesses were reluctant regarding allowing their employees to work remotely. The reasons were diverse. They thought employees will not be productive, will skip work, things that would seriously affect their performance, profits, and so on.

But the global pandemic taught us that this is not true. To slow the spread of the virus and ensure the protection of the employees and their families, almost all companies that could, shifted to remote work. And this is not because they really wanted this or believed that it is the best working style they can adopt. It was because they were forced by a major threat to the health of everyone.

One year later and here we are, still working remotely. Companies and businesses that did this are now happy with their choice. Even though it sounded inappropriate, inefficient, and unproductive, remote work just proved the contrary. Teams are now virtual, and even though many challenges appear, finding the resources and solutions to face them is something everyone does. Because working from home is here to stay, even after the pandemic ends. But why is this happening?


One of the best benefits working from home comes with is flexibility. You have the flexibility of arranging your schedule however you want. You have the flexibility of setting up your own working space. You have the flexibility to do what you want as long as you accomplish your tasks. Flexibility is something many employees were looking for, especially those who had fixed working schedules. And it is exactly this flexibility that boosts employees’ motivation and performance.

Of course, there are some ground rules that everyone needs to follow. Working from home does not come with total freedom, especially if you are working in a team and other team members are depending on your tasks to complete theirs. It is important to note that employees need to set a time when they are available to communicate and collaborate with colleagues. But this is something natural and normal to make the team and project successful. However, compared with the pre-COVID 19 times, the flexibility employees have now is bigger than before.

Work-life Balance

Many things contribute to improved productivity and higher motivation. Even though some companies could think only about the financial incentive, this is not the only, nor the most important factor that influences productivity and motivation. The balance between work and personal life is very important and it could be the one that fuels the motivation of employees.

Working from home is here to stay because it helps people achieve a better work-life balance. They are closer to their families and friends and can support them more. At the same time, overtime is less frequent, which helps people have a really good work-life balance.

Less Stress

Let’s face it. Working from an office comes with high levels of stress for all employees, no matter their working style. This is because working in an office means more than being in the same office with your colleagues. It is about that noise that is constant in an office. People are talking and sharing information, and you cannot stop but encourage this. There could be a kind of stress related to the thought or feeling that someone is constantly watching you. There could also be the stress you might be feeling because you feel you do not have enough time to finish your tasks.

Many other reasons could increase your level of stress when working from an office. The workload might be heavy, you might have job insecurities or conflicts with your team members or boss. Because stress has negative consequences on the physical and mental health of many people, it can lead to burnout, a drop in productivity, performance, and motivation. Which in turn will affect not only the team but the whole company.

Working from home keeps a part of this stress away. The other part can be kept away by employees who choose to arrange a dedicated working space, have a clear schedule, and communicate efficiently and assertively with their colleagues. They can use eyeson for video conferencing to make the process easier.

No Commute

One of the things that are no longer valid is commuting. Before the outbreak of the pandemic, everyone was working from an office. This came with many things to do, such as waking up ahead of time, getting ready for work, and commuting. Usually, because all the people were commuting to their workplaces, the rush hour was infernal. The average time spent per commute is 30 minutes, although in some cases it can reach at least 45. Double that and you will have at least one hour per day spent in traffic, going to and from your workplace.

Now, working from home has totally eliminated this. People have more time available, which increases their job satisfaction and wellbeing. This is one of the main reasons working from home is here to stay. It comes with more time for employees, a valuable resource in this fast-paced society.

Increased Productivity and Better Focus

Working from home is here to stay because it comes with many benefits among which increased productivity and better focus. This is because the office space is usually very noisy. People are talking, exchanging information, laughing, relaxing. They are moving through the office, drinking their coffee, and so on. For those employees who find it difficult to find their focus in an environment that is noisy and hectic, working from the comfort of their own homes comes with increased productivity and better focus.

Eliminating the factors or things that distract you is essential, but this is usually difficult to be done when working from an office. Working from home comes with increased productivity and better focus because of the lack of commute too. Commuting was one of the most stressful moments in a day which halted the productivity of employees and made it harder to find their focus. Instead of asking themselves what this site can do, they are proactive and start discovering this by trying. Writers from UK SuperiorPapers, who work a lot online, have noted that remote work comes with productivity and a better focus for their teams also.

Final Words

Working from home is nothing new to the market. However, many businesses and companies avoided implementing it because of many fears they had. They thought that employees will not be productive, will not work as efficiently as in an office, and this would drive their profits down. But as the COVID-19 outbreak came, companies were forced to make this change. And they surely do not regret it. Working from home is here to stay because it comes with many benefits for employees and businesses.
There is increased productivity and better focus because they keep distractions away while at home. There is no need to commute, which comes with less stress, better flexibility, and work-life balance. All these come with reduced costs both for businesses and employees. Businesses no longer have to pay for the rent of the office and the utilities. Employees no longer have to pay for the commute or order food, because they are now working from the comfort of their own home and they can cook their meals.

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