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Thomas StenitzerJanuary 8, 20204 min read

Video Meetings: 6 Reasons Why You Should Use eyeson for Remote Team Meetings

Technology connects individuals. If you already use a video meeting tool to facilitate your work life, you probably can no longer imagine life without it. The majority of companies around the planet already embraced video conferencing by now. By using these tools, you're not only saving money and time on your business travels, but you also increase productivity. However, there are a lot of video communication providers out on the market to choose from. The video meeting features are more or less the same for every video meeting tool. So how do you know what it comes down to and what to look out for when choosing a video meeting tool? We compiled a list of what we think is important to consider. Here are six reasons why you should switch to eyeson today!

1. No Downloads Required

eyeson is an easy-to-use, cloud-based video conferencing solution that’s ideal for remote and in-house teams. If you want to have quick video meetings with people outside of your company, make sure to use a browser-based tool like eyeson. Not everyone will have the same tools installed as you do. Therefore, eyeson opens directly from your browser without any downloads or installations. Furthermore, the 100% cloud-based solution ensures that the bandwidth remains at 1,5 Mbit/sec at all times. The innovative and unique patented technology called Single Stream Technology (SST) makes this possible. Our SST saves a lot of bandwidth by pulling all the incoming data into a single video stream and enables larger group video calls without quality loss. If you want to find detailed information about our technology, visit this article.

2. Stay Visible

What is the main purpose of a video meeting tool? That's right–communication! We aim to help you keep everyone on board and stop losing key players during a video call. Seeing facial expressions and body language of your team members are key to ensure good team collaboration. Therefore, y ou can see as many as 9 participants within a single video stream while still having crystal clear video quality. Regardless of where your teammates are, or how bad their internet connection might be: we never compromise on quality. 

3. Save Time

Time is money! That’s why eyeson makes it as easy as possible for you to invite guests to join a meeting. With its browser-based solution, you invite guests to join at the click of a link. There is no download or installation needed. For every created room, you will get a unique invitation link that you can easily send to your guests or colleagues. Moreover, eyeson provides a so-called Quick-Join Link for spontaneous invitations during a video call. This link is valid for the active meeting only and expires after the meeting is closed.

The link associated with a room, on the other hand, is a permanent link to send with you invitations long before the meeting starts.

4. Stay Organized

The video conferencing tool eyeson helps you stay organized and keep track of your daily work. You can do much more than share your screen or present PDFs and images; you can also record your video meetings. After a meeting, you will be redirected to your eyeson dashboard, where you will find your history as well. It shows all of your past meetings and their associated files, like recordings, screenshots, and live streaming links. 

5. Join Remote Team Meetings on the Go

Younger generations require a more active and flexible work life. They don't see the need for being present in a physical place to do a good job. We are meeting the trend and offer video meetings on the go, so you don't miss out on team meetings anymore. Stay connected and up to date with the eyeson's mobile app from anywhere. It allows you to start instant video calls within seconds and receive a push notification when one of your teammates is ready to talk. Plus, you can even join a video call with a click on the link without app installations on your mobile phone. The browser-based solution enables you to instantly join a meeting with a click on the invitation link. 

6. Data Security

Unlike most of our peers’ answers, we have developed the technical core for video solutions with an independent cloud approach. We offer business customers to choose their cloud for storing of data, recordings, and video meetings. Moreover, we suggest genuinely secure cloud-based services. Users can select the cloud location of the stored data: either in a private cloud, the cloud provider of trust, or merely the cloud account of the company itself. But why is this important for me? U.S. companies are, by nature, not able to guarantee E.U. GDPR compliance, even if based within Europe. Your information and data are available to U.S. authorities. Our approach at eyeson is to let users choose their cloud and thereby offer a fully GDPR compatible solution. For more information on GDPR and the CLOUD act, visit this article. Are you interested in choosing your cloud infrastructure? Get in touch with us, and we're happy to work on a customized solution! Still not convinced?

The best reason: eyeson is now free to use: sign up for eyeson FREE now!