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Remote working tipps - you got this
Thomas StenitzerNovember 25, 20203 min read

Essential Tips to Help You Navigate the New World of Remote Working

Since the arrival of this pandemic, you must have certainly explored the possibility of working from anywhere. Remote work is quite fantastic if you’re using the right tools (such as eyeson for remote team meetings) and set up the right environment. 

So, worry no more. Today, we’ll discuss essential tips to help you navigate through this new idea of online working.

Find your favorite workspace

One of the biggest mistakes you can make as a remote-work novice is to work from your bed. While this sounds amazing, it actually isn’t. Research has shown that working from bed can slow you down to the point of losing focus. The less focused you are, the less productive you’ll become.

So, design a workspace of your own. Your home office should be spacious, lit up, and decluttered. If you live in a house, take an entire room and transform it into your office. If you’re living in a small apartment, take up some space for you, and make sure you use it only for work.

Set goals each day

Don’t make the mistake to think that working from home isn’t demanding. Without organizing properly, you might lose track of time and fail to finish tasks before the deadline. That’s why setting goals every morning is essential and key to productivity.

Share your goals and updated with your co-workers, even if you’re working remotely. Keeping in touch with everybody involved in your projects is essential. If you need to delegate tasks, consult with any professional paper writing service available. Make use of all the necessary tools to keep yourself on top of things.

Respect your office hours

The next step is designating clear office hours. If you don’t have them set up before starting, you might lose too much time on other activities. In the end, working from home can be more challenging than working in an office because of time concerns. If you’re distracted, your time will not be efficiently spent, and you might end up working more than usual.

You are responsible for how you organize your time and your office hours. No one else will do it for you. So, make sure that you’re keeping yourself accountable. Start with the most challenging tasks in the morning, and finish with the less challenging in the afternoon. Take constant breaks between tasks; avoid burning yourself out.

Get rid of distractions

As you can tell, distractions are the worst when working from home. They take away your focus and keep you from finishing up your tasks. Anything can be considered a distraction, from loud TVs to Facebook memes and phone conversations. Even unnecessary emails could defocus you.

So, draw limits, they are necessary. Don’t let anyone interrupt you while you are working, neither online nor offline. Stay updated on COVID-19 news in your free time. Ask your friends to call after work. Keep yourself concentrated on the tasks at hand.

Don’t forget to socialize

While everyone is now cautious about living the house, that doesn’t mean that socializing should stop. There are still many ways in which you can connect with your work buddies or friends. This is important for your mental health and overall well-being, so don’t stop doing it. Socialize every day, at least once per day, especially if you’re living by yourself. Even if you’re not, keeping in touch with those close to you is important in these moments.


Working from home can be chaotic – don’t let it be that way. Optimize your work setup. Find your favorite office, set it up, get rid of distractions, set up office hours, respect them, and keep socializing. Easy peasy. Good luck!


About the author

Justin is a teacher from Leicester, England, UK. Currently, he is working as an editor at law essay writing service.