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Drone flying over a cityscape, capturing high-resolution video and data for public safety operations
Iryna SydorchukMay 21, 20244 min read

Omnimedia in Drone Operations: 5 Key Advantages

Omnimedia in Drone Operations: 5 Key Advantages

Aerial operations are not just changing but also saving lives. Take, for instance, the heartwarming story from Trollhättan, Sweden, where a 71-year-old man faced a heart attack while clearing snow outside his home. Fortunately, a drone swiftly flew to his aid, delivering an automated external defibrillator (AED). 

When it mattered most, a life was saved, underscoring just how essential drones are in emergencies. However, drones are not the only heroes in this story.

Omnimedia streams, an innovative technology provided by Eyeson, enables the simultaneous capture and distribution of various data types. By integrating Omnimedia into drone operations, organizations may open up a world of new advantages that take their capabilities to the next level. Explore five advantages of incorporating Omnimedia into drone operations.


What Do We Mean by Omnimedia?

At Eyeson, we define Omnimedia as a technology that integrates different types of content from various sources into one single stream. 

As videoconferencing and live streams from drones, robots, personal cameras, dashboards, and other specialized HD sources are quickly implemented, the volume of real-time visual data is exponentially increasing. Thanks to Omnimedia, audio, video, text, images, and other content are seamlessly combined, synchronized, distributed, watched, recorded, and analyzed, making real-time decision-making a reality. Read more about Omnimedia here


Why Is Omnimedia Important for Drone Operations?

Drone operations usually have challenges such as limited perspectives, restricted visibility, and video quality. Some of those challenges can be met with technical means, like the video quality, which can be optimized for streaming.

Omnimedia is significant for drone operations because it provides a comprehensive and multidimensional perspective of the operating environment. By seamlessly integrating various forms of data, Omnimedia enables all parties to gather a wealth of information in real-time. This holistic view enhances situational awareness and facilitates more informed decision-making. 

Moreover, Omnimedia enhances the analysis capabilities of drone operations with diverse datasets for comparison and correlation. This enables all parties to extract valuable insights vital to them, ultimately leading to improved efficiency and effectiveness of drone missions. It goes without saying that Artificial Intelligence has a field day with contextualized and synchronized data.


Advantages of Omnimedia for Drone Operations 

The advantages of Omnimedia for drone operations are manifold:

  • Enhanced Data Collection: The ability to capture multiple data types in a single flight is a game-changer for drone operators. Thanks to Omnimedia, drones can capture visual imagery, thermal data, LiDAR scans, and more, simultaneously broadcasting them on a call and providing a comprehensive view of the operating environment. This rich dataset enables more detailed information, leading to deeper insights and more informed decision-making. 
  • Improved Decision-Making: With access to multiple data streams, decision-makers can make more informed decisions based on a holistic view of the situation, potentially leading to better mission outcomes and increased safety. By receiving real-time video, images, audio, and telemetry data simultaneously, all parties can quickly assess and respond to changing conditions in the drone's environment. Discover how Omnimedia is enhancing communication and collaboration. 
  • Improved Situational Awareness: Omnimedia allows drone operators to receive real-time video, images, and other sensor data from the drone, providing a comprehensive understanding of the drone's environment and mission status. Combined data from different sensors and cameras gives everyone a holistic view of the operating area, allowing the more effective identification of potential hazards, obstacles, or targets. 

Easy integration of crucial information contributes to a better experience. Read more how to add a public transport widget or weather widget to your Eyeson video call. 

  • Enhanced Analysis Capabilities: The diverse dataset from the drone capture opens up new possibilities for analysis and interpretation. Operators can leverage this wealth of data to perform advanced analytics, such as 3D modeling, volumetric analysis, and change detection. By fusing and analyzing these diverse data streams, operators can extract valuable insights, detect patterns, and make predictions that would be difficult or impossible to achieve with a single data type.
  • Increased Flexibility and Versatility: Omnimedia capabilities allow drones to adapt seamlessly to diverse mission requirements. Drone footage can be tailored to any need, whether aerial mapping, surveying, inspection, or search and rescue operations. 
    Eyeson Stream Deck Plugin allows you to customize the layout to suit specific objectives, maximizing the drone's utility across various industries and use cases. Read more here. 


The Role of Eyeson

Eyeson, a real-time communication platform, provides a secure, scalable, and flexible infrastructure for transmitting and receiving multiple data streams simultaneously, making it an ideal choice for drone applications that require high-quality, low-latency communication. 

Eyeson's use of Omnimedia allows drone operators to establish reliable, real-time connections with multiple drones, ground control stations, and others who are online. This ensures that critical data, such as video, images, audio, and telemetry, is delivered seamlessly and efficiently. By leveraging Eyeson's expertise in real-time communication, drone operators can benefit from enhanced situational awareness, improved decision-making, and streamlined operations. 

Experience innovation firsthand. Request a demo to transform your aerial operations and elevate your capabilities with Omnimedia.


The integration of Omnimedia capabilities represents a significant advancement in drone technology, offering operators unprecedented capabilities and advantages. From enhanced data collection and situational awareness to improved analysis capabilities and client deliverables, omnimedia is reshaping how we approach aerial operations. As technology continues to evolve, drone operators must embrace Omnimedia to stay ahead of the curve and unlock the full potential of their drones.