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eyeson allows the customization of video layouts
Giannenta MilioSeptember 10, 20212 min read

eyeson “layouts” enable adding participants and data sources most flexibly to video meetings

Many companies and international organizations have realised that video conferencing has to be part of their future workflows to drive growth, resilience and innovation. eyeson allows the customization of video layouts in real-time supporting a wide range of layouts by means of its unique Single Stream Technology.

Configurable video layout for future’s remote workflows

The eyeson API enables a seamless integration of live video into digital workflows with full customization options and managed servers. Most importantly, the eyeson’s Single Stream Technology enables merging any live media, data and participants in real-time into a single video and audio stream allowing each association to configure their own layout.

The default settings of the video layout are set to auto-moderation, single, two, four, and nine participants. Two additional layout configurations are available now to assist specific use cases with a 6+1 and 6+2 arrangement that brings speakers and presenters to the main virtual stage. As the needs of different remote business processes become more explicit, eyeson makes it possible to assign specific users to a specific video position while retaining a specific layout pre-configuration.

Data integration to enhance live video meetings

With the eyeson API, developers can integrate various types of data sources, media streams or pictures and documents as a custom video stream. Users can show videos, presentations, or their entire screen instead of their camera video. eyeson’s patented Single Stream Technology merges all the incoming video streams as well as audio and live data into a single interface, generating a synchronised viewing experience.

More efficient use cases for disruptive remote business applications

eyeson can enable virtually any use case with diverse video layout configurations that are capacitated by its powerful API. Whether it is about customer support, tutoring, contract signing, patient monitoring, remote drone operations or multiplayer gaming, the interlocutors can easily monitor what the other is seeing or doing in real-time. Watch the video to see how layouts are set.
For use cases where one video needs to be configured bigger, the API lets users choose a presenter and the rest remain in the video as listeners.
For bigger operations, the layout can be configured to blend in important data from various sources from the customer's data infrastructure or also external sources.

In remote medical case management, health practitioners can monitor, discuss and explain their patient’s condition live. All relevant data like electrocardiography or MRI are incorporated in the layout to facilitate access from the practitioners and to help patients understand their condition and therapy better.

eyeson is a technology leader in cloud-based video communication. eyeson provides an API video service to easily integrate live video including live media, data and participants into any kind of use-case based on its unique patented single stream technology. To secure customers performance eyeson offers the service to manage cloud capacity, scalable video coding performance and data management. eyeson provides browser-based video integrations on all desktop and mobile devices.


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