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Video call management system for meetmaps events
Giannenta MilioSeptember 13, 20214 min read

Virtual Events with Meetmaps - Being extraordinary together

Being extraordinary together is what Meetmaps aims to achieve with its Event Management Software for in-person, hybrid and virtual events.

The event industry has been impacted significantly by the pandemic and the restrictions posed to our society. Nevertheless, solutions like Meetmaps show the indispensable agility to confront and overcome these circumstances.

We had a very fruitful conversation with Guillermo Marqueta, COO at Meetmaps.

eyeson: What kind of business do you run?
Meetmaps: We provide an all-in-one platform to organize events - either in-person, virtual or hybrid. Meetmaps allows customers to manage each stage of their event and maintain communication and interaction between remote participants. We like working closely with the event managers to provide the best options and highest customisation thanks to our experience providing technological solutions for professional events.

eyeson: Where are you headed as a business?
Meetmaps: The event management industry is in continuous change. It is always innovating how information is transmitted, understood and interacted with. More than ever, the target audience needs an impactful experience, no matter the type of event. Meetmaps’ platform and our team are becoming a great companion for events leveraging their own brand, their content and their community. The interaction between attendees is key, that’s why we have recently launched a new release of our Matchmaking feature, a game-changing tool for event organizers worldwide.

eyeson: What challenges were you facing and what motivated you to solve them?
Meetmaps: Events dynamics imply a great deal of creativity, coordination and administration work that has to be organised in the most convenient manner both for us and the participants. As virtual events are established as a solid solution, we have seen a rising concern with data protection and confidentiality. eyeson gave us the option to hold video meetings in compliance with GDPR and country-specific regulations. This was especially important given the cybersecurity problems that rose with the extended use of videoconferencing since the start of the pandemic.

eyeson: Why did you choose us over the competition?
Meetmaps: When thinking about the way to manage the 1 on 1 meetings provided by our solution, we aimed to provide a space for discussing business deals comfortably and nurturing professional contact, all in an exclusive meetings dashboard. With eyeson, apart from the bulletproof security we also provide easy access to all users, avoiding unnecessary downloads. We are very satisfied with the collaboration with the eyeson team - it feels as if we were one team working towards a common goal. The seamless integration with our solution and the readiness of the eyeson team makes communication very easy and comfortable. Above all, we appreciate the support in adapting quickly to the events we are doing.

eyeson: How do you use our product / service, and how do you find that process?
Meetmaps: At Meetmaps, we needed a video call management system for our meetings to provide security, speed and quality. We found that the integration of eyeson in our platform was incredibly easy for us, so we decided to work together and it has given us very positive results from day one. The 1to1 meetings from our platform are automated via API, bringing a comfortable control and management for the organizer. Attendees enter and leave their rooms with agility, without having to do any installation and always inside our customer’s branded site.

eyeson: How have you benefited from using our product / service?
Meetmaps: We and our users hold virtual 1 on 1 meetings within the scope of business events but not only. Our platform holds 5 different types of matchmaking events, ranging from open meetings to high-value organizer-driven sessions. There is tremendous value in the time and money saved while achieving complete matchmaking between participants and facilitating their business deals. With eyeson, we have integrated secure video conferencing technology “made in Europe” that is fully customizable.

eyeson: How has our product / service improved your day-to-day life?
Meetmaps: Developing an all-in-one software that maximizes event planning and staging requires intuitive solutions and easy integrations in order to work and grow sustainably.
Integrating video calls through eyeson helps us provide professional connections to our attendees with low maintenance required from our side.

eyeson: What have you learned from working with us?
Meetmaps: Quality and simplicity are key for hosting great virtual meetings and events.
The virtual meetings and events industry expanded disruptively due to the pandemic and will be established in the coming years. In order to make a difference and be successful in this field, we have to provide our users with fast access and a comfortable environment for their meetings. Not to forget, the security concerns are present and legitimate, therefore, providing a secure solution in compliance with GDPR is becoming increasingly important in all fields.

eyeson: What would you say to other businesses facing the same challenges as you did?
Meetmaps: In the past year we saw how indispensable it is to meet and communicate face to face. Nurturing good communication is fundamental especially in challenging times like the ones we are living in. Finding solutions for contemporary challenges is always rewarding, finding the ones that make it easy for you to thrive is a turning point.



Contact: Guillermo Marqueta, COO