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how to implement video calls
ShanyFebruary 25, 20204 min read

Your Team Communication Strategy: How to Implement Video Calls

Just two decades ago, talking to another person on the other side of the world in real-time was unheard of. Now, it's a part of our everyday life and we take it for granted. It comes to no surprise that implementing team communication strategies has become quite popular.

With the increasing remote workforce (many companies now employ full teams of remote employees), the importance of online communication has become more critical than ever. Apps are cropping up like crazy to get into the comms game, but almost nothing beats video calls.

If you're a team leader looking for a team communication strategy, then you want to consider video meetings. Here are some of the most important things to pay attention to:

Produce Clear Documentation

Everything about your video call software, etiquette, meeting scheduling, and other details should be clearly outlined in a guide beforehand. This will help you quickly onboard new members without too much explanation. You can use online tools to produce these documents:

  • TrustMyPaper – find writers who can craft your video call documentation
  • Studicus – a writer database where you can outsource your technical documentation work
  • Canva – to create visual presentations of the video call documentation
  • WowGrade – find professional writers who will help you capture what you want to explain

You can mention some of the essential rules when it comes to attending video call meetings – muting your microphone when you're not speaking, using chat for side comments, determining signals for when you want to add something to the conversation…

Pick Just One Provider For Your Team Communication Strategy

Ever since cameras and call technology experienced massive improvements, a bunch of players in the tech industry turned to produce video call applications. In the workplace, some of the most popular today are providers like Skype, Zoom, eyeson, Google Hangouts (Duo), and even Facebook and WhatsApp messengers.

Amid all this noise and crowded markets, you must choose one provider that you will use for your team's video calls and stick to it. Switching from one website or app to another can be extremely annoying. After all, you want video calls to become your team's culture, which is impossible if they have to ask, 'Where is the call again?' every time you set a meeting.

Listen to Feedback

If you have just started implementing video calls in your team day to day work, make sure to remember to listen to the members' feedback. Sometimes, video calls can be much more efficient and convenient if you listen to your team's concerns and suggestions.

"Teams are the ones who are using and will use video calls as a collaboration tool, so they are the ones who should applaud it or criticize it. Ask for feedback regarding video call work, especially in the beginning", says Melanie Sovann, a content writer at GrabMyEssay.

Prepare the Talking Points

Don't underestimate or play around with a video call in a business environment. For an effective mode of communication, your calls should have a similar structure to a 'real-life' meeting. You shouldn't initiate the call until you have the agenda ready, just like you would prepare for a regular meeting.

All of your team members have something to do, and if you waste precious time by being unprepared, they might start to get annoyed by their obligation to attend chaotic video calls.

Establish a Routine

If you want your team members to bond via video calls, especially if all the members are fully remote, a weekly video call routine can work well. You can either have pre-set weekly meetings on specific topics or periodical video calls for general discussions. Establishing a routine is essential when thinking about a team communication strategy.

If you start video meetings periodically, team members will start to expect and look forward to these conversations. These meetings will become part of their daily routine.

Press Record

One of the perks of video calls is that you can easily record them. These are especially useful if someone is sharing their screen and explaining a particular procedure. Instead of taking notes, you will be able to focus on the conversation and rewatch it later.

Whenever something pops up that was mentioned in the video call, team members can go back to the recording. They can go back and rewatch if they missed some parts. Make sure you mention that you are recording the conversation, though. eyeson notifies other members when someone starts recording, but it's expected to say it none the less. An easy way of sharing recordings is by using our dropbox integration.


If you implement video calls strategically, they can do wonders for your team's communication. One of your tasks as a team leader is to build the esprit de corps, after all. This is getting somewhat challenging in the digital era of remote freelancers, however.  Video calls tackle the issue wonderfully and provide a platform for a productive discussion. This approach is also much more tangible and human than emails.

Estelle Liotard is an academic writer who's passionate about creating some of the world's best essays, currently working for writing service websites such as IsAccurate.